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LAFW: Rocky Star On The Runway

Photo: Ron Knerem

The Brand

Rocky Star put on a fantastic show for Los Angeles Fashion Week on Thursday, March 31 in Los Angeles at The Petersen Museum. The energy was great and the collection was gorgeous! Rocky is an extremely talented designer and I was thrilled to see it. There was definite electricity to the show. After speaking with Rocky Star, he expressed that the majority of his inspiration came from Indian women and the signature Rocky Star floral print. We also saw, a lot of black-and-gold, beaded tops, and large accessories., Rocky has created an aesthetic that you will not find from other designers -- It's super elegant with just the right amount of edge.

His mission is to create relevant luxury couture for today's ever-evolving women and men. Ever since Rocky's brand has developed and created a self-sustaining unit with in-house skilled master craftsmen and artisans who breathe life into every piece that they passionately design. At their atelier, Rocky's focus is on the cut, comfort, fit, and finish that transforms into haute couture, bridal, luxury pret, and accessories for men and women. The brand is dedicated to the vision of creating fashion that is as contemporary as it is rooted and as elegant as it is innovative. Rocky Star is definitely creating an empire.

Design Philosophy

Baroque and gothic traces influence the brand with a design sensibility that is luxurious in aesthetic yet simplistic in style. Creating a neo-Victorian era, Rocky Star celebrates the grandeur of the past with glamorous and edgy designs in the present. Old-world charm comes to life with new-age magic in dramatic silhouettes, decorative prints, and intricate embroideries. Rocky’s invaluable and meaningful contribution to showcasing Indian-inspired global designs on international platforms tells tales about the brand’s determination to revolutionize fashion globally. This is inspiring.

When Rocky Star had a quick moment, he sat down with Gemma Magazine to discuss LAFW, his design inspiration, and how much his brand is growing. Between the exciting vibe and incredible aesthetic, I would love to see another Rocky Star show. So, let's get into it.

Photo: William Lee

What inspired you to become a fashion designer?

Clothes, fabrics, and sketching always excited me. I am happiest when I'm expressing my creativity. My main muse was to express myself and help others express themselves through fashion. It was a bit unconventional in my time for a guy to study arts and fashion designing, but I couldn't give it up. The passion for making my art come to life kept me going.

How would you describe the Rocky Star brand?

In one word? Bespoke. I believe in experimenting and expressing your edginess through my designs. They are powerful, capturing yet something you're comfortable in. I want people to get out of their comfort zones and try new styles and silhouettes. A lot of our designs are heavy on embroidery and embellished detailing. Attention to detail and making each piece unique to the person wearing it. It is handcrafted to make sure to put local Indian artistry fashionable. If you look at the collection we showcased at the LAFW; it represents what Rocky Star has stood for all these years. It’s powerful, bespoke, and handcrafted.

Photo: William Lee

Did you enjoy the LAFW experience?

It was marvelous; everything went according to plan. I did not want to explain much of my designs, as they spoke for themselves. Especially as we are recovering from the pandemic, presenting the collection in person and interacting with people was comforting and thrilling. It was an absolute honor showcasing my work at LAFW.

Your craftsmanship skills are incredible. Did you train formally?

Yes, but mostly it's time that has been the best teacher. Over the years, I have figured out what works for the brand and me, naturally understanding what I want to present and figuring out how to feature it. Working on my skills over time has made them more accessible.

Do you feel you mix a luxurious, past aesthetic with present nuances to produce such glamorous and edgy designs?

Who would have ever thought we could include a corset detailing in an Indian festive collection? That is the aim. I want to bring in old rockstar glamour to my pieces while not losing touch with my Indian roots. The festive collection features elements that bring together global and national fashion trends. It creates this unique texture and silhouette, which are fun to wear. And while floral patterns are pretty standard, I wanted them to stand out for themselves. Our floral design stands out on its own, speaking for itself. It’s both bold and edgy while not losing its delicate touch.

Do your pieces tell a story?

Each of my collections has several muses behind it. For example, when I started working on the A/W 22-23 collection that I presented at LAFW, my main muses were Indian women and the signature Rocky Star floral print. I wanted to infuse elements of Indian artistry with this floral print that had matured into a bolder and edgier version of itself. I went with my instincts and brought together a story of Shakti (power) through this collection. Each piece stands out but is even more powerful when presented together. It is meant to empower and highlight the people who will wear these pieces.

Photo: Ron Knerem

Tell us a bit about the Rocky Star beauty line.

Between all the chaos of the fashion world, there is a time when we want to take

a step back to adore who we are. Behind all the stress and everyday rush, there is this self that we tend to ignore. So I created this beauty line to make self-care more accessible and straightforward. Its primary goal is to give your natural self a boost to shine and for you to get time to relax and be yourself outside of the chaotic world.

What do you think of LA fashion in general?

It’s eccentric and reflects the old glamour of Hollywood. We have seen LA go through so many changes because of the Hollywood industry, and I think what I like about LA fashion now is that it is relaxed yet stylish. We see many people dressed in their ways, but it’s still so well dressed up. The use of colors and different styles for each occasion makes it very interesting. Right from the glamorous outfits when people have fun going from club to club to the morning color-coordinated workout fits. LA fashion has so much diversity to offer.

What is up next for Rocky Star?

We’re currently working on a Hollywood film while also starting to work on our following spring-summer collection of ‘23. It’s an exciting time to be at work with new bursts of creativity and the thrill of doing both projects.

Overall Rocky Star is a true innovator filled with artistry and creativity.

You can keep up with him on the following platforms:

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