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La Vie Palette from Chella Beauty

Chella Beauty, an amazing beauty brand that focuses solely upon brows and eyes, and creates salon-quality products. Chella Beauty wants women to be confident, beautiful, and powerful. Chella is all about supporting your dreams, aspirations, and transformation. They know how you feel with great Brows. Beautiful! All of Chella’s products are vegan, paraben-free, and gluten-free.

The creator of Chella, Chris Kolodziejski,  understood that he could help empower women through beauty. This has become the inspiration of Chella, the realization that beauty both internal and external can and will change your life. As a Southern California Brand, Chris founded it in 2003. He has seen, for over a decade how Chella products have transformed how women feel and look. Chella understands that nothing can impact your look and make you look more sexy, confident, and complete as quickly as perfectly groomed brows. They understand this, it’s in a woman’s DNA… it is a passion. 

Recently I had the exciting opportunity to sample Chella’s new eyeshadow palette: La Vie…and it just as luscious as it looks. The packaging is gorgeous and what is inside is even better. I tend to have a special love for warm neutrals and this palette is perfection when it comes to colors and blending. The shades are also perfect for daytime and evening.

The La Vie Neutral Eyeshadow Palette embraces warm neutrals, sure to inspire you to live every day to the fullest. With two pearl (Femme + Vitality) and two matte water-resistant shades (Instincts + Dynamic) and a dual-ended eyeshadow brush for effortless application, this interchangeable and refillable palette is designed with the modern + multi-tasking woman in mind. Buildable, blendable, and long-wearing, our easy to use all-in-one palette will be essential in your everyday beauty routine. 


1. Create a silky base with Instincts, using your finger, apply the shadow from the center of your eyelids all the way to the outer corner of your eye and into crease area. 

2. Add depth by applying Dynamic, to the crease and blend. 

3. Using your ring finger gently apply Vitality on the center of your eyelid. 

4. Finally, add a highlight, apply Femme, to the inner corners of the eye and the brow bone for a brightened and awake look.

To learn more about La Vie:

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