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NOW PR is a full-service public relations and digital agency started by Boss Lady Tash Greizen. Tash is known for her sense of structure and top organizational skills, and it shows how she runs her stellar company. Tash put the agency on the map, and NOW PR has become the premier destination for brands globally. The agency helps brands tell their story while keeping an eye on the future. NOW serves as an effective means of setting trends as it leads an innovative approach towards publicity that combines fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, and global events.

NOW produces prestigious world-class experiences that have unique and distinctive access to the world’s trendsetting audience. Their clients are usually up-and-coming designers who are ready for the next level. The clients are also passionate and prepared to take the next step. The brand campaigns for each client are exciting and it comes down to a shared vision. NOW is always current and relevant and it shows in all that they feature Including gorgeous photoshoots).

“Our ideal client is the one who understands the aesthetics of the agency. We love to work with brands that share our vision and passion.” (NOW PR)

When NOW PR had a moment, they kindly took the time to talk with Gemma Magazine. 

Who started Now PR?

Tash Greizen is the founder of Now PR Agency. She was supported by her good friend and lawyer, Madison Kline who currently resides in Italy. Tell me a bit about Tash Grezien – I know she plays a huge role.

Tell me a bit about Tash Greizen. I know she plays a huge role.

Tash Greizen is the Creative Director of the Agency who is also a designer by trade. She oversees the entire operation in Los Angeles and our corporate office in Las Vegas. Tash is responsible for bringing in outstanding brands globally. She mentors the team to ensure that each brand campaign comes to fruition. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of Now Magazine, a publication that was recently launched by the agency.

What is the mission of NOW PR?

Now the PR agency’s mission is to support emerging brands globally and elevate them to the next level. The agency mentors up and coming designers. and is a big supporter of women’s empowerment.

Who is the ideal client for your boutique PR firm?

Our ideal client is the one who understands the aesthetics of the agency. We love to work with brands that share our vision and passion.

What are the services that you offer? Brand Activation Influencer / Talent Engagement Strategic Partnerships Brand Re-Positioning Social Media Branding Events Production Media Planning Print and Digital Placements Sales Consulting

How many departments does NOW PR have?

The agency has 5 departments – Communications, Production, Events, Sales Consulting, and Publication.

Do you produce events as well?

Yes, the agency produces events.

NOW represents a lot of Europen clients as well, correct?

We represent clients from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the USA.

What is up next for NOW PR? New ventures, etc.?

We recently launched a publication – Now Magazine which mainly focuses on global trends, It girls, and Scenes to be at. Tash Greizen is also currently working on launching ARK (Act of Random Kindness) which focuses on mentoring young men and women to attain their higher purpose and become the best version of themselves through mentorship and guidance. The agency is looking into producing virtual shows in fashion and beauty tied in with Now Magazine hopefully in the near future.

NOW PR has wonderful endeavors on the horizon, which will be exciting to watch! You can always keep up with NOW PR through their Instagram

The website is

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