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“It Boutique”: Frocks and Rocks in El Segundo

Frocks & Rocks on Grand Avenue in El Segundo is not just a boutique but it’s a true shopping experience. It is an experience that is branded by a passion and education for fashion and style. The boutique by the ocean cultivates a brand culture that transcends age and time. Without a doubt, the Frocks & Rocks aesthetic influences and encourages women to embrace their feminine beauty, explore their own personal style, and unleash the spirit of graceful confidence. The chic owner, Sandy Featherston, does a wonderful job with the store. Sandy carries high-end brands and curates the store beautifully. Featherston also features jewelry from many local artists from the South Bay region. Upon walking in, you immediately feel at home.

Sandy Featherston

Furthermore, their foundation and culture have a Give Back Philosophy; and gives to local and national charitable campaigns. The company wants to do its part to make the world a better place. They are now taking a stronger approach to the Giving Back Campaign. Throughout this year, at every ‘Night of Style’ event, the boutique will be donating 5% of proceeds to a different charity each month.

When Sandy Featherston had a moment to stop, she spoke with Gemma Magazine about her inspiration, the brands the boutique features, and the “styling experience.”

What was the inspiration to open a boutique?

My inspiration came from a long career in retail management. My background is in both the cosmetic industry and fashion merchandising. My vision was always to be an entrepreneur. I wanted to create a place; a safe place for women. An experience that could deliver trending fashion, affordably priced clothing, and the ability to help each woman who walked through our doors with her personal style. I was inspired by the love for a style that makes women feel confident in their own skin. Radiant from the inside out.

Have you always been interested in style and retail business?

As stated, I have a background in both the beauty industry and fashion retail. Before I opened Frocks & Rocks, my career spanned about 20 years. Six years in the cosmetic industry and the remaining in fashion. But the real seed was planted from a young child. My mom was a tailored seamstress; she made custom clothing and wedding dresses. She represented style. I would help her with fittings, learned about fabrics and how fabric worked in the construction of clothing and fit on the body. All of this assisted me in the ability to style women and buy well-constructed clothing.

What are some brands Frocks & Rocks carries?

We are a moderately priced boutique. I have been buying contemporary clothing for 14 years. Our style is urban lifestyle fashion. Brands we have carried:

kUT denim Lovestitch Flying Monkey Spanx Mauritus Modref Hammitt Hobo Krush Dolca vita Matisse FreePeople 42Gold

What makes your boutique stand out. It factor.

The “it” factor is what we call “The Experience” The experience is the styling experience. We offer the service of styling as our customer experience. We have amazing products and fashion, but we finish it off with the knowledge of how to wear and interpret fashion. Helping you build your wardrobe, with basics and fashion trends.

Who are The Frocks & Rocks customer?

The Frocks & Rocks customer is everyone. We are timeless and on-trend. More importantly, our customers are apart of our community. We have monthly fashion events in a store called Night of Style. We collaborate with other small business owners, delivering the full experience whether that be artisans with new jewelry lines or makeup professionals to help us with our overall look. Each month we dedicate ourselves to a give-back program to help pay forward in our community and also in world charitable organizations. 

How would you describe your boutique?

We are hip and basic. I believe in trending fashion; for the love of fashion. But I also believe in a rich foundation of basics;  to build your own wardrobe and personal style. Your signature look. We want women to be empowered with style and the education of style.

 To follow Frocks & Rocks online:

All photos: John Collazos

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