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Maison De Madisse Makes Its Mark with Luxury Handbags

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Model: Margo Balan with the Alessia Bag Photo:Steve Manning

Who wants to avoid owning a luxury handbag? They make a statement and entirely pull your outfit together while setting the tone for your style aesthetic. It is even confidence-boosting. At Maison De Madisse ( ), you will find distinctive and anything but ordinary bags. They know that luxury is buying something exclusive. Maison De Madisse is an exceptional online handbag boutique based in Southern California that offer gorgeous and functional bags. They hand-pick unique designs from Italian designers and import genuine leather handbags directly from Italy made with the finest Italian leather. The brand's collection embodies bold designs, bright colors, high quality, and sexy silhouettes. Their handbags are the ultimate standout piece.

Madison Emami is the creator of Maison De Madisse, and she runs her business with passion and determination. Madison started her company during the pandemic and has not let up. She has made European fashion more accessible to the U.S. market, inspiring her to create Maison De Madisse. Madison has always loved handbags -- exceptionally high-quality, well-crafted leather bags; therefore, Madison chose to sell this particular product. She genuinely enjoys building her online platform as it gives her a place to be creative, which is why she is attracted to entrepreneurship. Madison has had a positive response to her handbags since day one. Only six months after launching Maison De Madisse, the brand was invited to present their handbags on the Orange County Fashion Week runway.

Diamante Mini

Madison was inspired to start a luxury handbag company when she realized how many women love Italian handbags, bags of high quality with detailed designs and craftsmanship. Yet, there was a considerable gap in the market for a midway price point. However, this would become her niche. When Madison had a moment to stop, she spoke with Gemma Magazine about being an entrepreneur, the Maison De Madisse Collection, and her inspiration. Let's get into it!

What was your inspiration to start Maison de Madisse? I was inspired when I realized how many women love Italian handbags, bags of high quality with detailed designs and craftsmanship. Yet, there was a considerable gap in the market for a midway price point. At one end of the spectrum, we find our beloved couture and designer bags that cost thousands of dollars, and on the opposite end, we find poorly made imports at a much lower cost. However, finding a genuine "Made In Italy" leather bag priced somewhere in between was tough. I want to fill this gap in the market by offering unique European leather handbags at a more affordable price range.

Lelia Mini Bag

You have worked very hard to become a successful entrepreneur.

Do you feel that Maison de Madisse has made European fashion and quality more accessible with handbags? My goal from day one has been to produce European style more accessible! Many Designers and Artisans in Italy work in small towns that need a worldwide presence. These Designers have the talent and expertise to create high-quality products; they don't have the funding to be commercialized. By constantly exploring opportunities and developing relationships with these Designers, Maison De Madisse can make exclusive European handbags more accessible by bringing them to your doorstep.

"I love offering designer pieces that are unique and special...pieces you can't find everywhere. Because true style comes from being authentic and handpicking a wardrobe that showcase out individuality" ~ Madisse

Milano Medium Orange Bag

Have you always loved fashion and style? I have always greatly appreciated fashion and style, but my love is more for how fashion can make a person feel. The right handbag or your favorite outfit or sometimes simply putting on lipstick can make you feel more confident and happy. Life is just too short to be boring and typical. As Coco Chanel once said, "You were born an original, don't become a copy!" Anyone can own their style because we're each so unique. We need to allow ourselves this fun and empowering form of self-expression.

How did you like working for an ad agency and creating creative content for tv and film? I loved the creative aspect and using my imagination to produce content that inspired and made people feel emotion. It was so much fun, and seeing the result was so rewarding! But working in the corporate world didn't feed my spirit because I experienced limitations that prevented me from growing to my full potential.

What was it like having your handbags featured in OC Fashion Week? I felt a sense of pride to see Maison de Madisse featured on the runway of OC Fashion Week. When I started the business, I wasn't sure how it would be received, so to see the great response and knowing that people loved the designs made me feel I had accomplished a significant milestone.

Please describe the Maison de Madisse customer. The MDM customer is confident and fashionable! They like being envied for their unique sense of style. They are financially savvy and appreciate a humble bag, often preferring to spend big money on travel and adventure. Still, they also demand quality and want what they deserve. Do you feel most women love having a statement bag? Absolutely! The handbag you carry can tell a lot about you and, in my opinion, it offers one of the easiest ways to make a fashion statement. Women love holding a bag that catches attention! Do you feel it completes the outfit? A statement bag not only completes an outfit by bringing it all together, but oftentimes MAKES the outfit!

The Sveva Bag in Blue

What is one of the biggest lessons you have learned as an entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur requires you to be flexible. If a product you had your heart set on isn't selling, change it. If a strategy isn't working, change it. You have to listen to your customer and be open to pivoting as often as possible. Don't get in your way by fighting the direction the wind is blowing.

How do you like the curation process? Curating a collection for Maison De Madisse is the most fun part of my job, but it can be challenging! I have specific criteria for each bag that is added to the collection. The most crucial standard is quality, but another criterion I focus on is functionality. Most of us are not movie stars on the red carpet. Our bags need to be functional while fashionable! So although many of our bags have designs with unique shapes and silhouettes, they will easily fit much of what goes into an everyday tote. Even our evening and mini bags are deceiving in a good way!

What handbag styles will we see for Spring? We'll continue to see bright, bold, and happy colors for Spring as the post-covid era calls for adventure and playfulness. Quiet luxury and the humble bag have made their mark in the handbag world as people crave a minimalistic, understated, chic vibe. Valuable pieces like structured work bags and top handle styles are trendy now as many are returning to an office setting.

Donna Zadeh wearing the Chantal Handbag

I am in love with the "Veronica Clutch." Are clutches something we will see more of?

Thank you, I love the Veronica clutch too! Clutches have long been a staple for formal and evening wear, but more and more people prefer to carry a clutch, even for a fun night out. It certainly polishes an outfit to a more sophisticated level! Clutches have taken on a new role, given that they are now coming in unique shapes and sizes, so you'll see more of them on your Instagram feed!

The Veronica Clutch. Model: Monika Slavinskaite

What is up next for Maison De Madisse? With summer around the corner and people ready for adventure and travel, we're working on bringing you more practical day bags in larger sizes. Many are returning to the workplace, so we'll also focus on keeping you fashionable at the office! And most exciting, we'll soon expand our collection to designers from other parts of Europe to bring you even more exclusive luxury pieces!

To keep up with Madison De Madisse and their beautiful handbags, follow them on Instagram:

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