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Getting Real with Model Matilda Dahlin

So, who is the lovely Matilda Dahlin that is taking the world by storm?

From model to teacher to aspiring actress, Matilda has the foundation and experience to make her mark as "America's Next Sensation." Matilda was born in the small town of Stockholm, Sweeden, and fashion was always a significant part of her life from the moment she was born. Having a grandmother and great-grandmother as fashion designers, it's no surprise Matilda quickly gained interest in the industry. "It's just something that has always been in my blood; my mom would dress me in nice clothes and dresses that my grandma would sew for me, "Matilda recalls.

Matilda and her family eventually moved to the U.S. and established ground in Santa Barbara, where she built her portfolio. Her modeling career began with a local beauty pageant, but Matilda knew she wanted to focus on modeling. Before you know it, Matilda was walking the runway at L.A. Fashion Week and made appearances in music videos for The Game, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown. Furthermore, Matilda had the excellent opportunity to collaborate with Waft Fragrance to create her perfume.

Recently, Matilda has been shooting clothing lines and campaigns for brand new collections. She has been featured in Fresh Faces Magazine, Vogue Italia, CIE Fashion Magazine, and Wedding Ideas.

Aside from modeling, Matilda has also worked as an educator. She has a master's degree in childhood development. For about ten years, she worked as a teacher while modeling. Matilda hopes to inspire other women to believe in their determination and inner beauty.

"I think we should all be empowering each other because I have been on the other sidewhere I was being bullied so my hope is women pick each other up no matter what." With today's beauty standards, it's important to remember that social media always isn't correct and be a fantasy."

Did your mom and grandmother spark your passion for fashion?

Yes, since my grandmother was a fashion designer and my mom is a photographer, my passion for fashion has always been in my blood. Being dressed in classy clothes from the start, I knew I loved style that eventually became my goal and dream.

Overall, does modeling come easy to you?

Modeling does come easy to me; however, it is a skill, and it requires more than just looking pretty on set. You do have to prep before a photoshoot as well as runway. Over the years, I have learned that it requires practicing in front of the mirror many times, not only to see what poses will work best but to know your best angles as well. Working on your facial expressions and emotions through your face is also very important. Eating right, dieting, and working out are all part of the prepping routine as well. Then on set, you have to put everything you have prepped for and show it through the camera, which isn’t always the easiest thing that many people think.

How did you like growing up in Santa Barbara?

I loved growing up in Santa Barbara. It’s a beautiful town; I felt like I was in paradise when my family and I moved here. It was a dream come true. Even though I’m originally from Sweden and was born there, I have lived longer in Santa Barbara now my whole life. Growing up here and going to school and graduating from Antioch University SB with my MA degree in education, my life would not be the same if I was still in Sweden. I feel truly blessed to be here.

What was it like to shoot the music videos?

It was such a great experience being featured in some major music videos with A-list artists like Tyga and Chris Brown. Since I love dancing and have been a dancer since I was a young girl, it was inspiring to be on big music video sets and be around some major artists and celebrities.

Can you explain the process of creating your Fragrance?

I partnered with Waft Fragrance a few years ago, and they really liked my image as a model and my personality, so I got to create something unique and spoke to me personally. I got to create a specific scent that complimented the name of my perfume, Midsommar, which is a Swedish tradition of the summer solstice we celebrate every year. They then produced the bottles and were in charge of distribution.

Do you love modeling for campaigns as much as walking the runway?

Yes, I plan to walk the runway for fashion week again soon. I hope to walk in New York, Miami, Paris, and London one day as that would be a dream come true.

What made you want to teach, and do you still teach?

My mom is also a teacher, besides being a photographer. She brought my passion for teaching to me when I was just in elementary school myself. She taught kindergarten for many years, and I just fell in love with the little ones. My favorite age to teach is kindergarten, as they are just full of life and eager to learn in the classroom. I first started teaching while I was still in high school and continued teaching until I got pregnant two years ago. After my daughter was born, I took a break from teaching to focus on being a full-time mother. I plan to go back to teaching soon as well.

You are very inspirational in lifting others. What made this a priority for you?

Being that I have been bullied for many years, specifically since kindergarten through my college years, I know how it feels to be put down and feel like you are worthless. I have gone through some dark and heavy times in my life that I would never wish others to go through. I want to be a role model for young girls and women, in general, to be accepted for who they are. Inner beauty isn’t being talked about enough and highlighted anymore. Social media can do an excellent job of portraying a false image. That needs to be considered before people compare themselves and their lives to the ones they look up to.

When you do stop, what do you do to relax?

I love watching movies and Netflix with my family when I get a chance to relax. Going to dinner or the beach has always been a highlight for me, and getting a nice massage helps my body wind down.

We will be keeping up with Matilda Dahlin, as she is inspiring to watch.

You can follow her on Instagram

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