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An True Gem: Vanjane LA Apparel

Vanjane LA Apparel is a beautiful, eclectic, and quality brand offering that Fabulous Factor!

You will always find something unique with Vanjane and uncover particular garments that suit your style. The creators behind the brand are twin sister duo Vanessa and Janette Flores. The sisters are constantly sourcing unique secondhand vintage and designer garments and love this part of the process. Their fabulous showroom is in Downtown, LA and, their curation offers fashion from all eras and styles so that they have something for everyone! They specialize in one-of-a-kind, well-designed, excellent-quality handpicked garments. Vanessa and Janette throw in modern, vintage-inspired pieces, reworked clothing, and an eclectic accessory collection in the mix. Also, you will see strong, statement pieces when you shop Vanjane that can complete your entire outfit.

Gemma Magazine came across the innovative brand while attending an event in Los Angeles, and Vanjane was a vendor. I could not stop myself from checking out their apparel. It's a fantastic brand as the sister duo travels from state to state, curating the best pieces for their customers and doing an excellent job. We chatted with Vanessa and Janette about their brand, their passion for fashion, curation, and what inspires them.

How did you two decide to start the Vanjane brand? We've always had a passion for fashion. So once we began to discover our talents in the resale industry, we quickly needed to think of a name to establish ourselves at the flea markets & eventually thought our names combined had a nice ring to it Van(essa) + Jane(tte) .

Do you both have different strengths within fashion? Yes, Vanessa has a creative strength for photography, graphic design & marketing within fashion. At the same time, Janette's skill set is more so in styling, design, & visual communications.

How would you describe your apparel? We cater to all styles, so we often have an array of styles for everyone, regardless of their aesthetic. We always look for excellent quality, unique, eye-catching pieces from all eras.

Who is the Vanjane customer? The Vanjane customer could be anyone from a fashionista to someone who'd want to try new looks & reinvent themselves by diving into the unknown of vintage styles. We also cater to the everyday customer just looking for missing staples in their wardrobe.

What are the latest trends in fashion right now? It's crazy because I truly see that all eras, from Y2k TO EARLY 30s, are trending for all our customers. For once, people are not stuck to one era or trend. In the last four years, vintage has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Vintage fashion gurus are experimenting with mixing all periods in one go. Furthermore, we prioritize the garment's quality and the perfect fit that will look great whether your weight fluctuates.

How can I also create a timeless wardrobe with vintage pieces mixed in? Returning to basics is crucial by collecting staples to compliment those eclectic, funky vintage pieces. You always want to bring attention to show-stopping details, so having statement pieces like classic pairs of denim, blazers, trousers, or silk blouses, will always be essential to a timeless wardrobe.

What tips do you recommend for styling accessories?

Accessories are always the cherry on top of the look to be the WOW factor. The more, the merrier. There's a vast spectrum of accessories to play with to determine your style needs. For us, it's always fun dressing up a wardrobe with hats, belts, sunglasses, & jewelry to flash the fits!

Are there particular pieces or styles you see your customer gravitate towards now? We are currently in demand for styling rentals, so stylists come in looking for avant-garde pieces for editorial work. We're now looking for pieces you don't see daily to grow our archive.

What can we expect for spring? Always fresh, flowy, vibrant energy to take in the sunshine & blooms! Lots of breathable fabrics, cotton, silks, and linens. But also pieces that'll be able to be in the mix throughout all seasons.

How do you enjoy the curating process? That's one of our favorite parts of the process. Being in LA, we come across great pieces since it's near the entertainment industry. Still, it does tend to get competitive, so we often source throughout California, out of state & even go scouting through Mexico for vintage & silver jewelry.

How do you recommend styling for different body types?

We love to pick clothes tagged as "One size fits all" to style all bodies. There are endless styles available that can complement & flatter the body in a way where the clothes are comforting. It's sometimes more challenging to source plus sizes but possible! It's essential to cater to & provide confidence to all body types.

You can keep up with VanJane on their Instagram account and check out themes and current styles that the ladies are curating.

Vanjane LA Downtown Studio

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