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The Artistry of Fashion Designer and Entreprenuer​ Monica Leigh

Monica Leigh’s creations are a lovely combination of pure artistry and technical craftsmanship. Leigh’s true inspiration originates from the desire to do things differently. She’s known to be inspired by natural beauty, a sublime light, and lustrous metals. Her collection tells a story, as it invokes the senses with creativity.

Monica Leigh wanted to change the philosophy of her clothing brand compared to the corporate world standards. Her vision is refreshing and modern. Monica focused on the craft of apparel and treating people with respect. She’s a strong and inspiring leader, guiding her team positively and upholding excellence, consistency, fairness, brand aesthetic, and brand equality. She loves bringing out the natural beauty in women and encouraging them to express their individuality. Monica’s overall vision is to create and promote the daily convergence of beauty, sophistication, detail, and edge.

Her approach is smart and we were thrilled that Monica took the time to chat with Gemma.

Sparkling Sunshine Bouncing off Beads in Mesh

Your work is so beautiful. Was your family supportive of you being a fashion designer?

Thank you, always wonderful to hear this! Yes, my family was and remain very supportive. I have five sisters, and Mom and Dad, a built-in party! They were probably concerned at the beginning of my career, knowing what a competitive field it is. Now they are super proud and happy for me, has remained steadfast in the game and pushing through to success.

I read that you continue to be inspired by natural beauty, a sublime light, and luxurious metals. How does this influence each collection?

I always look at and think about curves, spirals, and the twisting of these shapes naturally. Creatively, I see in my imagination how these shapes fall upon the body spiraling up and down. I love the sheen of metals, precious and profound. The combination of metallic shine with spiraling curves makes me immensely happy. The sublime light ties in beautiful aesthetic and appeal harkening upon natural elements.

How would you describe your collection?

Gold Leaf Twilight

I describe my collection as one of genuine luxury in design, color, fabrication, and fit. All of the artistic integrity, holding beauty. It is a very eclectic collection, sensual and resonant.

I know that you love quality fabrics and luxurious materials. Do you aspire to emphasize the natural beauty and femininity of a woman through this?

Absolutely! It is a very natural inclination. Additionally, I enjoy tailored luxury suiting for women; as the collection grows, wonderfully tailored and sensual fabrics are being included to show the depths of vibrancy and strength in women.

Silver Moonlight

Any hints on your next collection?

Cocktail dresses and Tailored high aesthetic jackets and beautifully fit pants that are sensual and chic! A new collection of gowns is in work as I write with interesting new detail and drum roll — color!

Who inspires you in fashion (muse or designer, or both)?

I love Haider Ackerman! Even though he does harder pieces, I love them! The spirit and the rock n roll! That makes me happy! Art, art, art…paintings especially inspire me always from every era!

What do you think of LA Fashion? I enjoy that LA Fashion is diverse and open. LA Fashion does trend more casual; however, LA people are free and alive to expression, especially in apparel, embracing those that wear their unique style.

What materials/fabrics excite you?

Predominately silk used in so many luxurious ways! The combination of silk and cotton is something else I delve into. I love high-end, techno fabrics! I am amazed to see such creativity from textile designers that use elevated techniques to achieve a beautiful effect. For example, I have pleather (all synthetic) laser cut skirt that incorporates a mesh behind the cut-outs; simple phenomenal!

We are excited to see what Monica Leigh has to come with her future collections. Gemma will be watching and reporting. To follow Monica on social media:

Monica Leigh

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