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Tarot Reading with Mischel Peterson

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

For many people, they want something new out of life — to explore themselves on a deeper level as well as have different experiences in their life. Yet so many continue to hold back out of fear. Why is that? Usually, it relates to fear of the unknown. For Tarot Reader, Mischel Peterson, she has found that people find her when they are ready to make particular life changes. For some, Mischel is their first try at stepping into the unknown. For others, she is a part of a continued journey. Or maybe, it’s just time to explore who you are, what you want, and how to get it.

Mischel offers a unique combination of Tarot, Intuitive Coaching, and Soul Rejuvenating Events to help you stop the routine, get present, and find your power. You learn something, have a laugh, and most importantly, love yourself! Gemma Magazine had a fantastic opportunity to speak with Mischel and we could not have been more thrilled!

How did you get into Tarot Reading?

I’ve always had an affinity for the supernatural. My mom and I did lots of hippie magical things together. However, the tarot still had a way of finding me. It’s the combination of mysterious wisdom, with the artistry of images. I searched for a way to use my gifts of listening and coaching when a girlfriend offered to teach me. Once I started learning, I felt that I was aligning with my inner voice. The vision of my purpose started to form a pathway that not only made sense but excited me. It was hard at first for me to learn something so elusive. I like facts and details. The cards don’t lie, and you can’t control them. I had to surrender and listen. Learning to trust me ( without proof ) has been my biggest lesson and my greatest strength. Now I teach that to others.

What attracts you to the energy of other people?

It’s in our nature to seek comfort in places where we feel safe. Most only feel safe when it feels familiar. So when you find yourself feeling comfortable with someone, it’s because there’s something in their energy field that you recognize. Maybe it’s a lesson from the past, a belief system we choose to validate, or a situation we desire to create. We usually aren’t paying attention to the possible danger vs. reward aspect at this moment because it feels so good. Energy is your forcefield and your invitation. What did you invite in? If it-them values you and your goals, say yes and see where it leads. If it’s too familiar, and it feels “been there, done that”, honor yourself enough to walk away. No, it won’t be different this time. Why, because if you haven’t changed, then what’s coming into your life hasn’t changed. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…..

You feel the truth and self-expression are the keys to life. What are some steps we can take to achieve this?

The most comfortable place to start is by noticing where in your life do you feel fake? Ask yourself – “What am I not saying, and what does it cost me?” It’s so ingrained in society to “play nice” that we get used to ignoring our voice. We convince ourselves that our loved ones will leave us if they truly knew us. Those who love you don’t stop loving you just because they are mad at you. Maybe the only way you can gain their respect is by standing up to them. We play games and keep secrets because we think that makes us look valuable. I tell my clients – “If you’re an Apple and you want to date an Apple, don’t act like an Orange.” Call me crazy, but I believe that if the world stopped for a minute and everyone honestly admitted precisely what they wanted, it would all work out correctly. We all have a place here and a purpose. I think it starts with acknowledging what your preferences are. What situations make you happy, and which make you miserable. Where are you not being treated with respect? Is it because you’re not respecting yourself? People say YES to who we are being. If you don’t know what you want, then how can you ask for it? If you don’t speak up and ask, then no one knows what to give you. Only by being your truth can you fully understand acceptance.

What is the Moon Ceremony?

Just like the tide, the moon pulls at our emotions. It forces us to look at our impulsive animal instincts and how we react to them.” New Moon” ceremonies seem to be the most popular. It’s all about manifesting new results. Yes, please! I enjoy participating in things like this because I love to honor cycles and explore myself’s mystical sides. I believe it’s essential to have an intention for any cycle before you begin it. Purpose points the way and keeps you focused. Although I love astrology, I’m not even close to being an Astrologer. But I do enjoy looking things up that the experts post. They inspire me to try new things.

How can we learn to be more grateful and positive? Especially during times like COVID.

Sometimes, people use positivity to cover up and avoid how they feel. I was taught that you must 1st declare the truth of the moment before you can recreate it. If you start with a lie, then you will never believe in what’s possible. What’s the truth of now? Here’s an example of a statement I might say to myself or give to a client – “Right now it occurs that I don’t have enough money coming in. I’m scared shitless that I won’t be able to pay my rent and I’ll end up homeless. But…., I also know that life can change in an instant. Just because I can’t SEE where my money is coming from doesn’t MEAN it’s not coming. I trust that I will be taken care of, and things will work out one way or another”. Then I spend a moment looking at what I DO have. I list as much as I can until I can breathe deeply. Now I’m ready to create! What do I want, and what CAN I do about it. I believe we are in a state of healing and massive change. This can be useful if you choose to see it as such. Ask yourself – “How can change work for me?” What project have you been afraid to start? Maybe now it’s possible, and perhaps others want to help? Or maybe you could be useful to someone else in need of support? Spend part of the day doing something that makes you smile. Allow yourself to dream again. Remember, this too shall pass. How will you look back on this time?

Do you believe in karma?

Yes, I do, but I believe that many different types get lumped together under the same title. You could say that I’m a cultural mutt when it comes to my beliefs. Part eastern philosophy- reincarnation, part Judaism- Tikkun Olam, part science-for every action, is an equal and opposite reaction. If I mushed it all into a blanket statement, it would be that I believe in personal responsibility. It’s the moment to moment, AND it’s lifetime to lifetime. Reward and punishment are not always what we think it is.

Please describe the type of relationship coaching you do. Working with couples is my favorite, but I work with many types of relationships. How we feel about everything in our lives is about how we relate to it. For example – what is your relationship with money, marriage, love, or health? It’s your perspective of these things that create your relationship with them. I work on your views. Change your mindset, change your life. When it comes to personal relationships, it’s my use of Hand Analysis that serves me best. I’m able to pinpoint each person’s emotional needs and how they react to it. Most of your personality is in your hands. Your skills, default mechanisms, and values tell me what types of people work best with you and for you. Who’s ever hand I’m reading, at that moment, I’m their advocate. I’m speaking to them and for them. When a total stranger tells your spouse, partner, or family member what you’ve been saying (or trying to communicate) for years, it has a huge impact. Then I proceed to guide them on ways to work as a unit. Where someone ends and the other picks up. The methods they are the same, but never saw it. Where they are different, and how best to deal with that. But most importantly, how they listen to each other’s needs and the best ways to support them. I love the way people start to look at each other during a session. They move closer. They touch affectionately. A new bond has been created.

On behalf of Gemma Magazine, we would like to thank Mischel for joining us and answering all of our questions. To keep up with Mischel or learn more about her, follow her on IG at @mischelstruth or her personal website:

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