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GBK Brand Bar and eOn Hand Sanitizing Mist Presents their Pre Oscars Luxury Gifting Lounge

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

From Wednesday, April 21st to Saturday, April 24th, eOn Sanitizing Mist, hosted a four-day luxury celebrity wellness gifting lounge, presented by GBK Brand Bar and Kailo Pain Patch, in honor of the 2021 Academy Awards. To make this happen, each attendee (who was not already vaccinated) was given a rapid Covid-19 test before entering, a scheduled appointment time, and measures were taken to have the event spaced out in compliance with Covid-19 occupancy guidelines. eOn Sanitizing Mist partnered with Goodwill to donate over 20,000 cans. 

The event flowed through different areas of the La Peer Hotel in West Hollywood from the rooftop space to the lobby into the backyard then the James Peter Henry Gallery finalizing the experience at GBK Brand Bar where Yuvika Jewelry gifted the finest of diamonds and jewels.

Notable celebrities from actors to musicians to athletes were extended an invitation in honor of their achievements in an effort to bring together amazing talent as to make up for the lack of events this past challenging year.

There were over 80 celebrities ranging from 2021 Oscar Winners Travon Free and Martin Desmond Roe, Nominees Viola Davis, Andra Day, Paul Raci, Tiara Thomas, Eileen Galindo, and Elvira Lind, 2020 Grammy-winning singer Tori Kelly, Kesha, sports stars such as World Series winner Justin Turner (Dodgers), EMMY winners such as Eugene Levy, Jeremy Piven, Michelle Visage, Glynn Turman, Patrika Darbo, SAG Award winner and Oscar Presenter Angela Bassett, Anthony Anderson, William Fichtner, John Carroll Lynch, Adina Porter, stars of the EMMY winning RuPaul’s Drag Race Alaska, Trixie Mattel, Bob the Drag Queen, Monet X Change, Shameless stars Christian Isaiah & Joshua Malina, Flight Attendant’s Griffin Matthews, Jason O’Mara and many more.

Once inside the lounge, the guests were treated to state-of-the-art healthcare technology with Kailo Pain Patch, which uses innovative technology to treat pain without drugs. Artist Johnathan Schultz created 18k gold infinity boxes which were done using each celebrity’s hand. All individually signed, curated and one-of-a-kind.

Other brands that were gifting amazing items included AMASS Botanic Hard Seltzer, Beverly Hills Spine & Rehab packages, Cabo Couture, CALM by ComfyCozy Boutique diffusers, Casa de Campo Resort & Villas package, free Chicago Stuffed Pizza Co. for a year, Delight Café CBD, DJ Aaron Colbert gift card, Dogpound Training, Elite Spa certificate, Gastro Garage dinner for 2, GBK Brand Bar Gift Card, GrowingGreen CBD, HOLLYGOLD recycled bag, sweater, t-shirt, face mask and a year of free movies at TCL Chinese Theatre, James Peter Henry prints, and portraits for nominees, invite to John Kelly Chocolates new store in Beverly Hills, Kahari Resort package, Kimpton LaPeer Hotel night stay, Merci Life beauty drink, MOTEV luxury transportation, OG Hot Sauce / Mia Rebel B.M.I. Songwriter, Author & Publisher, PBF Vanish Inc. Anti-aging, Raiwasa Private Resort package Ream Wine, Remember Me Green tote bags, RESET IV vouchers, Sailrock Resort package, Soul Tox recovery water, Source Naturals supplements, Superva 1 of 1’s customized shoes, Tesse Restaurant’s Drip Club, Realm Wine, The Farmers on Wheels local fruit, Vice Bake Shop cookies, Yassi’s Butta organic salve, Yuvika Jewelry, nd more. GBK Brand Bar always partners with several charities for each lounge and this year’s Oscar’s lounge partners were World Central Kitchen, World Wildlife Fund, and Goodwill of Southern California.

GBK Brand Bar is the world’s premiere Celebrity Gifting lounge that is dedicated to providing high-quality, tailor-made service to its individual clients. GBK Brand Bar is known for integrating the Entertainment, Luxury Consumer Products, and Non-Profit industries to create unique and memorable high-profile experiences that maximize its clients’ brand-building efforts. GBK Brand Bar’s CEO Gavin Keilly is a well-established name in Luxury Celebrity Lounges with over 20 years of experience as an industry leader. His lounges are legendary in Hollywood (and beyond) for having not only the best gifts (usually totaling over $70K per guest) but always attracts the hottest celebs who continue to come back year after year. Philanthropy is important to GBK Brand Bar and each lounge always partners with a different charity to help raise awareness, create celebrity partnerships, and give back to the community.

eOn sanitizing spray, (, was a standout, which has the softest feel on the hands. EOn 2 fl. oz. Sanitizing Mist Personal Spray is a must-have at all times. Hypochlorous acid (HOCI) is one of the most effective known biocides produced by the human immune system. HOCI is now used in healthcare food safety water treatment and general sanitation worldwide. HOCI’s chlorine-based odor does not linger and rapidly dissipates. eOn Sanitizing Mist is an EPA registered personal protection product which can rapidly neutralize easily transmitted pathogens via HOCI.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – APRIL 23: Eugene Levy attends the EON Mist Sanitizer Pre-Oscars Lounge presented by GBK Brand Bar at La Peer Hotel on April 23, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Tiffany Rose/Getty Images for EON Mist Sanitizer and GBK)

Bare Beauty had a beautiful presentation with their new beauty potion( Samantha Ford and Ava Ghobadpour created this company and their product definitely elevates your beauty regimen with Antioxidant-Rich, Collagen-Boosting Nutrients. It’s gluten-free and dairy-free while being fast-acting and ultra-hydrating.

Bare Beauty (

CALM By had a beautiful presentation with an array of different scents. The Signature Musk was amazing. Krishtine Marie was also super knowledgeable and helpful.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – APRIL 23: Tori Kelly attends the EON Mist Sanitizer Pre-Oscars Lounge presented by GBK Brand Bar at La Peer Hotel on April 23, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Tiffany Rose/Getty Images for EON Mist Sanitizer and GBK)

Dry skin anyone? Then head over to Yassi’s butta ( for severe eczema and dry skin problems. Yasmin Gharib Wade got cooking in her kitchen and Yassi’s butta was born. It is for both the face and body. It’s super smooth, gentle, and soothing. It’s all organic and for all genders, ages, skin, and hair types.

Yassi’s Butta(

RESET IV provides Concierge IV Hydration ( which is a fast, convenient, and effective treatment to help you feel great again! It’s a custom blend of powerful vitamins and nutrients, and a choice of medication to help you feel important.

Kailo also had a fantastic presentation. Stuart Fetzer is the Founder and CEO. ( The Kailo Pain Patch is effective anywhere on your body and has been known to take effect within 60 seconds. Patients say it quickly turns off pain in the head, shoulder, back, knee, hand, foot, and more!

Justin Turner (Photo by Jerry Digby)

James Peter Henry had many of his Abstract pieces on display and they are stunning. You can check his work out at Henry’s studio is actually at the hotel and adorns the chic quarters.

James Peter Henry

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – APRIL 23: Viola Davis attends the EON Mist Sanitizer Pre-Oscars Lounge presented by GBK Brand Bar at La Peer Hotel on April 23, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Tiffany Rose/Getty Images for EON Mist Sanitizer and GBK)

Superva Shoe Customization also was ay the Gifting Lounge with a spectacular style statement. ( It gives you the chance to customize your own sneakers. You can shop by Designer, Category, or Curation.


In the meantime, Cabo Couture ( made a splash with its on-trend bathing suits. Cabo Couture was founded by blogger Madeline Sepcic, who manages The Dallas Heiress, a luxury lifestyle blog and Instagram that shares her travels and everyday life with her followers who sit at the edge of their seats wondering where she’s traveling or shopping next. Inspired by her time in Cabo, she created Cabo Couture because she wanted to feel the way she did in Cabo everywhere she went – fun, flirty, sexy, and fabulous.

Cabo Couture (

The Gastro Garage ( offered mini gourmet sandwiches while The Farmers On Wheels ( displayed luscious and exotic fruits to taste.

The Gastro Garage (

The Farmers On Wheels

Hot Sauce was also a popular stop with the OG original! (

OG (Onion & Garlic) Hot Sauce provides an opportunity to take your taste buds to a new level of food experience with your favorite entrées & snacks.

OG Hot Sauce is full of flavor with the freshest ingredients. The “Original OG Hot Sauce” is created by bonding onion & garlic with jalapeño peppers, habanero peppers, and a special blend of spices. Our sauce is great for marinating, sautéing, complementing your favorite foods & enjoying as an all-purpose sauce.

The OG Hot Sauce (

Healthy options were available as well with Core protein Bars ( and Lightly

Flavored Water from Soul Tox ( is refreshing and delicious. Contains antioxidants and amino acids plus the right amount of electrolytes.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – APRIL 23: Jeremy Piven attends the EON Mist Sanitizer Pre-Oscars Lounge presented by GBK Brand Bar at La Peer Hotel on April 23, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Tiffany Rose/Getty Images for EON Mist Sanitizer and GBK)

 It was a fantastic afternoon and GBK did a wonderful job hosting the event. Organized and safely executed made it a fabulous in-person event and one to report upon again.

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