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Spilling the Tea with the Beauty Tea Company

Beatriz Cabrera

Beatriz Cabrera is a successful entrepreneur of Mexican descent. She recently started The Beauty Tea Company ( to so many people's delight. Her teas are fresh, healing, and organic. We met at a gifting suite, and after trying her teas, I was

hooked. Beatriz is still new to the West Coast and moved from Mexico to San Diego in 2010 to follow her dreams. Tea is an integral part of her existence and, she even credits tea with transforming her life. Beatriz feels tea is her calling.

What Inspired Beatriz to Start The Beauty Tea Company

In 2020, Beatriz had a scary moment when a scan detected a growing lesion on her breast. Due to these circumstances, she stopped drinking coffee and started drinking tea. She fell in love with it -- both the tea and the ritual. Not only did her health improve, but so did her skin and hair. She also lost 15 pounds. Tea transformed her life, so Beatriz started The Beauty Tea Company because she wanted everyone to know the fantastic benefits and how they can impact your life's quality. Beatriz participates in many events and loves people sampling her teas and getting their feedback.

All the teas are herbal, and The Beauty Tea Company celebrates women's beauty from the inside out by promoting wellness and relaxation with their delicate and delicious tea blends. Their three delicious blends: I am Love, I am Peace, and I am Energy have been crafted to promote unique feelings; they contain high-quality tea levels imported from farmers in China and Japan. These fresh artisan green, white, and herbal teas are hand packed in beautiful stainless steel tins to preserve their freshness for up to two years. They are presented in a beautiful box to complete a unique and luxurious experience. The packaging is elegant and feminine, making the entire tea ritual unforgettable. When Beatriz stopped, she chatted with us about her inspiration, tea blends, and health benefits.

Before you started The Beauty Tea Company, you were an architect.

How did you like having a career in architecture?

It was enjoyable! I enjoyed working with people and helping them create beautiful spaces to improve their quality of life; I also loved the creative process!

What inspired you to start The Beauty Tea Company? I started drinking tea about three years ago and got hooked, so I started trying different types of tea and developed a great taste for it. Besides enjoying it as a beverage, I noticed many positive changes in myself, and I thought I had discovered a treasure and wanted to share it with everyone I could!

You previously were a coffee drinker, correct?

Yes, I used to love coffee! Until I was introduced to tea.

How would you describe moving from Mexico to San Diego?

It has been a fantastic experience. Mexico is a beautiful country with so much culture and amazing people there. However, San Diego is great since there is so much order, and everything is organized. Additionally, I love going to the beach, and I can do that every day here!

Did you know that you wanted to start a new company?

I just had this idea of the tea company that kept growing in my mind until it became a reality!

Were you surprised by having a health scare?

Yes, about two years ago, I had health issues; I had a cyst on my breast that was growing fast, and the doctor advised me to get a biopsy, which I did. While waiting, I detoxed and committed to a healthy diet and lifestyle. I did a 40-day detox where I only ate raw green vegetables; I also stopped drinking coffee, it was crazy, but the lesion stopped growing and got smaller. I eat pretty much everything nowadays (in moderation) but never returned to coffee. My body is much happier now.

What is true beauty to you within a woman?

A simple answer would be Grace, Kindness, and Elegance. I believe how we feel inside is projected on the outside. The way you feel shows in your posture and your facial expressions, and if you feel great, you look great!!

Tell me about the process of falling in love with tea and the creation of starting your business. To me, drinking tea is like conducting a beautiful ritual involving all the senses; it just feels so good to hold a warm cup of tea, and it tastes so delicious! Plus, it has so many health benefits; it's filled with antioxidants, soothing, and unique! Oh my gosh, tea, for me, is a blessing!

You create your custom-made teas, correct?

I curate them. I get them from this fantastic company in New Jersey; they source the teas from all over the world; I tried all of their blends and got the ones I liked the most. I also have a chai collection that comes directly from Nepal.

What are some of the benefits of drinking tea?

It boosts your immune system, regulates your nervous system, fights off inflammation, reduces the risk of heart disease, has no calories, and tastes delicious!!!

Is there one that is a favorite?

The "I am Love" is a green tea with rose petals and apple pieces.

Is there any desire to expand upon the tea concept?

Yes, currently, I sell online (at my website, amazon, Walmart, and Etsy), but I would love to open a physical store.


Tea Recipe Blends:

I am Love: Green Tea, with Rose Petals, apple pieces, and Lychee Flavor

I am Peace: Blend with Rooibos tea, Orange, Hibiscus, Peppermint Leaves, Licorice, Lemon Balm, Lavender, Passion Flowers, Milk Thistle and Marigold Flowers

I am Joy: Delicious organic black tea, organic ginger, organic black cardamon, organic cinnamon leaf, and black pepper

I am Bliss: Exquisite black tea with ginger, lemongrass, cinnamon leaves, orange peel, and black cardamon

I am Merry: Amazing blend of Green Tea, cinnamon, orange, ginger, cardamon, cloves, and natural spice.

To keep up with Beatriz and The Beauty Tea Company, follow her on Instagram and Facebook:

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