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Merci Dupre Clothiers by Dr. Christina Rahm Debuts at LA Fashion Week

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Unique Fashion Collection highlights Enviroware fabrics designed to mitigate toxic effects of the environment for the wearer

Dr. Christina Rahm, Models, (Photo Credit: Kyle Goldberg)

Los Angeles Fashion Week launched with a stunning and innovative fashion show experience with Invited guests attending an exclusive presentation at The Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills from DRC Ventures and ROOT Brands presented by Karen Floyd of Elysian.

LAFW 2023 launched with a show from the sustainable, refurbished, environmentally protected fashion-tech brand Merci Dupre Clothiers. Dr. Christina Rahm founded the unique line that combines her expertise as a scientist with fashion. Dr. Christina Rahm is a Mother, Scientist, Artist, Author, Patent Innovator, and Humanitarian. Her vision was to create protective technology for our clothing while educating people about the environmental toxins we face daily and offering stylish solutions for our protection.

The inception of the Merci Dupre Clothiers clothing line was inspired by Dr. Christina Rahm's podcast, "Under The Red Chandelier," which began over two years ago. This program delved into various subjects, including fashion, food, music, travel, art, and interior design. Building on this platform, Dr. Rahm intentionally crafted a clothing line with a distinct focus on protecting the planet and its people.

As a mother, Dr. Rahm was driven to establish a stylish brand that also served an educational purpose - enlightening people about safeguarding themselves and their loved ones from harmful environmental factors such as toxins and UV rays. She emphasized that protective measures against these environmental threats could be seamlessly integrated into our attire, providing a shield for our skin.

The gowns she featured at LAFW were beautiful and ultra-feminine. The collection had a magical aesthetic and consisted of silky silhouettes, gorgeous designs, and an eclectic range of textures and fabrics. There was also a lovely nod to nature, as many of the models wore butterflies on their apparel or in their hair. As a prolific fashion engineer, Dr. Christina Rahm has inspired stylish, cutting-edge clothing with textiles that provide protective technology from the environmental toxins around us.

The unique line of 'Enviremware' will host patented, nano-biotech formulas woven into the material, offering an unbeatable barrier against EMF radiation, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungus while supporting non-exposure of radio frequency electromagnetic particles from 5G cellular transmission.

While working across more than 80 countries and companies worldwide and with an education from leading universities, including Harvard and Cornell, Dr. Rahm gained critical insight that created a path that establishes a healthy, happy, and productive life for her loyal followers dedicated to her brand. Her passion for leading people to their best health state includes several products distributed through The ROOT BRANDS globally to nearly 80 countries.

Notable Attendees included Dr. Christina Rahm, Clayton Thomas, Karen Floyd, Janice Dickinson, Brooke Thomas, Allen Salkin, and Nadja Sayej.

Clayton Thomas, Dr. Christina Rahm (Photo Credit: Kyle Goldberg)

Janice Dickinson (Photo Kyle Goldberg)

Brooke Thomas (Photo: Kyle Goldberg)

About Merci Dupre Clothiers:

Merci Dupre is a mission-driven brand dedicated to enhancing health and wellness of people and our planet. The name Merci Dupre was inspired by Dr. Christina's four children and is a testament that fuels the mission -- a healthier future for our species. Merci Dupre is the pinnacle of luxury environmental fashion and protection, specializing in enviroware apparel. Their unique clothing line incorporates nanotech skin coatings to create a barrier against hazardous toxins such as 5G technologies, EMF radiation, antimicrobials, and heavy metals. Not only will our clothing preserve your health, but it will also show you the height of style and fashion. Merci Dupre is at the forefront of eco-friendly luxury fashion brands worldwide today.

In collaboration with international fashion designers, Dr. Christina Rahm has incorporated a 96-hour protective process into the fabrics of their clothing line. These innovative garments will be launching in November 2023. You can explore the full range of these items at Merci Dupre Clothiers, the ROOT Brands and for more information

Model (Photo Credit: Kyle Goldberg)

Model (Photo Credit: Kyle Goldberg)

Model (Photo: Kyle Goldberg)

Models (Photo: Kyle Goldberg

Model, (Photo: Kyle Goldberg)

Dr. Christina Rahm (Photo: Kyle Goldberg)

(Karen Floyd of Elysian (Photo Credit: Kyle Goldberg)

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