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LAFW~Featuring Francis Libiran: Structured Lines and Sensuous Silhouettes

Photo: Manny Llanura @mstrartist

Led by the famed fashion designer himself, the Francis Libiran brand unveiled its latest collection inspired by intricate mosaics, sexual passions, and intimacy at the LA Fashion Week 2022 in downtown Los Angeles on October 7. Francis Libiran’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection titled "MOSAIC: A Collection of Textiles and Pleasures" showcased to the world a gorgeous combination of looks inspired by objects that entice the artistic mind, intricate mosaics, and the beautiful human connection of sexual passions and intimacy.

Photo: Manura Llanura @mstrartist

The spectacles of the runway gave an amazing ambiance to the show with abundant Grecian elements sprinkled all throughout the scene. It was a cross between ancient Greece and the modern era as if the gods were guests themselves. Light extravaganza dominated the catwalk as well as the dramatic incorporation of smoke. Strategic placements of lines, shapes, and structures also gave an appearance on the LED runway and backdrop.

Photo: Manny Llanura @mstrartist

Photo: Manny Llanura @mstrartist

“I am very much exhilarated and euphoric to have accomplished this show seeing all of my hard work come to fruition. As the designs graced the runway with all the lights and stuff, I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear. Truly, having no bias, this is one of the best shows I have ever enjoyed, and for that, I am honored and over the moon,” the fashion artist detailed. Lines and structures influenced the conception of the latest release and were translated into wearable art pieces that are on brand and bring out the essence of Francis Libiran, while staying true to his vision.

Photo: Manny Lluran @mstrartist

The enticing ideas and beauty of the art pieces formed the brand’s artistic take on the aesthetic as a whole . Known for art deco embroidery in his designs, this signature touch was a recognizable element in the standouts from the collection. A tranquil blue-colored ensemble perfectly flaunts the identity of the whole line of designs with its intricate embellishment. The see-through fabric used in the body adds a hint of sensuality and mystery complemented by the art deco pattern elevating the look. Meanwhile, a bold accouterment in the color of tiger orange is a pair of a top and a floor-length skirt with the same art deco influences, given more detail by the elaborate craftsmanship.

Photo: Manny Lluran @mstrartist

Photo:Manny Lluran @mstrartist

“I really wanted to still convey my identity by incorporating the styles I am known for with my interpretation of art. On the other hand, of course, I also tried and experimented with a lot of things—colors, fabrics—to give much more edge to this collection,” Francis shared.

It was an exciting and gorgeous show that captivated the audience with the juxtaposition of structured lines fused with a sensual mystery. This is what makes Francis Libiran's collections so interesting.

To learn ore about Francis Libiran and his future collection, you can follow him on Instagram:

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