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In Style with SUTTON from Sutton Stracke

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Classy, unique, and completely gorgeous is how I would describe SUTTON (, the stunning boutique owned by Sutton Stracke of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” The bungalow is a reflection of Sutton herself: cosmopolitan, well-traveled, and worldly, but most importantly, a genuine portrait of her personal style and love of fashion and the arts. This was the first time I visited SUTTON and it did not disappoint. Designed by Brittany Cason Interior Design and realized in partnership with Garry Morris, space is a nod to the Regency Modern period with hints of Art Deco sprinkled throughout. Bold and statement elements of contrasting black and white, gold metal accents, sculptural furnishings, and a mix of textures accentuate the palette. The team at Brittany Cason Interior Design worked many long hours in not only the interior design for the store but the installation, coordination, and realization of completion in time for SUTTON’S grand opening.

Perfect Composition

Corto Moltedo Costanza Bag

SUTTON features a custom Cherokee Rose pattern fabric and wall coverings by Mimi Couture in black and white as a subtle reference to her Southern roots while exuding a timeless opulence. Gold metallic accents are carried in the space through furnishings, such as a show-stopping gold leaf quartz console table and lighting — which is incredible. These are perfectly complemented by blush velvet fabrics adorning windows, private dressing rooms, and vintage furniture pieces for a luxurious and elegant look and feel. An open space feels more like Sutton’s chic pied-a-terre with a furnished dining area and a fireplace juxtaposed to the pocket kitchenette.

Interesting Fact

SUTTON features exhibitions selected by Sutton Stracke and curator Karyn Lovegrove. The exhibition, which rotates quarterly includes an eclectic mixture of medium, including paintings, photography, works on paper, glass & ceramics complement her cutting edge fashion choices — which includes fashion, art, accessories, and decor.


Alexander Kroll

Alexander Kroll

Paul Robinson


The accessories are eclectic and simply gorgeous. For the jewelry, it’s elegant, yet, ready-to-wear pieces that consist of beautiful gemstones for any occasion. Designers include Amber Erh and Amedeo Scognamiglio.

RAFMAS EARRINGS and Amadeo Curated Collection Rings

Summer Perrin Paris Clutch and Coffee Table Books


The fashion apparel is spectacular. The merchandise is chic, fun-loving, sophisticated, feminine, and elegant. Some of the designers are Alexis Mabille, Amber Sakai, Midheaven Denim, Monica Mahoney, Lakris Brand and Jovana Louis.

Jovana Louis Pink and White Dress

Alexis Mabille Dress


Sustainable Mario Lopez Mirror

If you have not had the chance to visit SUTTON, I highly recommend stopping in and taking a peek. You will not be sorry! In the meantime, you can keep up with SUTTON by visiting You can also follow the social media handles below to keep up with Sutton Stracke herself!

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