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Chella Beauty Limited Edition: Divine Purpose

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Chella believes makeup should help you embrace your natural beauty without compromising your clean and sustainable values. Our vision is for beauty, wellness, and sustainability to work in the same space – so you can be beautiful inside and out.  We want to create a space in the industry for clean products that make you feel confident. Society’s unrealistic beauty standards have taught people that there are only certain ways to be beautiful – it’s our mission to prove them wrong. We foster a community of empowered Chella Bellas, whose sustainable lifestyles and love of beauty work in tandem. We saw gaps in the beauty industry, which has led us on a mission to fill it with clean makeup that cares.

On June 29th, Chella released new refills from the “La Vie” and “Manifest” collections. The refill shade names for La Vie are Femme, Instincts, Vitality, and Dynamic. It includes light pearls, a gold pearl, and a brown matte. The new refills from Manifest are Charisma, Radiant, Purpose, and Intention. These shades embrace Light Gold Pearl, Copper Pearl, Dark Bronze Pearl, and Warm Brown Matte.

July 15, 2021, is a super exciting day Not only is it National Clean Beauty Day but, Chella Beauty is launching a Limited Edition new palette called Divine Purpose. This is an exclusive collaboration with IPSY on a very limited line of exciting new shades in 8 fabulous colors. The new Divine Purpose eyeshadow palette is the first line in Chella’s commitment to Clean Beauty and 100% talc-free. that are featured are Pure, Authentic, Goddess in Training, Evolving, Mindful, Fulfilling, Passionate, and Honor. Again, a mixture of pearl and shimmer shades.

Divine Purpose

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