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Bjorn van den Berg’s Surreal Style World Featuring “High Voltage”

Designer Bjorn van den Berg always takes you on a beautiful path in the fashion world — part fantasy and part contemporary. Bjorn is the ultimate “glam” designer, and it shows in everything he designs or collaborates. Bjorn is a Couture Designer of high-end apparel and accessories.“High Voltage” is Bjorn’s sixth collection and like usual, we are thrilled to report upon it.

Imagine a couture collection envisioning a new world both surreal and futuristic world combined with high-quality materials and unexpected colors. Welcome to the work of Designer Bjorn van den Berg and the introduction of his 6th collection: “High Voltage.”

With “High Voltage,” new techniques and details are fused with high-end luxurious materials. The collection symbolizes true craftsmanship. The color palette consists of a bright Silver in combination with Rose Gold. The futuristic collection comes to life by merging details from a distant future with Bjorn’s luxe aesthetic.

Striking Lightning

The color palette consists of clear crystals with silver colors translated into futuristic parts, and metals combined with a soft ‘Peach Rose’ tone. The contrast of the hard metals and this soft and feminine color brings balance to the pieces and provides a surprising and innovative look and feel with a modern edge.

How does Bjorn van den Berg feel about the name “High Voltage”? “The name High Voltage indicates the charged nature of the collection. It resembles striking lightning, being under tension. The theme beautifully flows into the color palette and use of materials, with items that speak for themselves and appeal to the imagination as a result,” explains Bjorn.

Bjorn is from Amsterdam but frequently travels to Los Angeles and is always inspired by the fashion in L.A. as well. The combination of European flair and trending west coast chic style is a consistent signature Van den Berg look. Many musical artists and celebrities have worn his designs. Requests have already started to come in for several international projects that will begin in the upcoming months.

The Collection

The Couture Collection consists if eleven unique items in total. Think of the signature corset and a controversial headpiece trimmed with dozens of crystals running down to the small details. With these statement pieces, the designer puts a bright and magical mark under his collection. Bjorn also takes you on an adventure to a new, surreal world. The trench coat, executed in a beautiful pastel ‘Peach Rose’ color, is unique to see from his work. “The metallic material is almost as clear as a mirror and completes the overall look and feel of this collection,” says Bjorn.

Lastly, for this collection, Bjorn chose not to shoot a campaign image. He wanted the creations to speak for themselves and decided to create an exclusive collaboration with the international magazine, BASIC Magazine. Together with the Editor-in-Chief, Viktorija Pushatha, and the BASIC Magazine team, the “High Voltage” Collection was shot in a surreal setting, resulting in an exquisite upcoming editorial series that is currently out now.

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