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Art, History, and Fashion: Timelapse Jewelry Company

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Timelapse Company ( is a jewelry and accessories company that began as a passion project for Michael Westerband. The company is a fusion between art, history, and fashion. The pieces are wearable conversation starters that offer a different view of the past while offering something different in the present that viewers might not usually see. “The company is an amalgamation of the three,” said Westerband.

Westerband would go to various antique stores with his good friend and scout particular trinkets that caught his eye, and we’d turn them into unique wearables that looked nice. Although, many of the pieces that were found often did not have exact stories attached to them. Sometimes the store proprietor would be able to offer us interesting insights into the origins of the pieces, which Michael really enjoyed. One day, Michael came across some antique watch movements that had ornate designs. Their uniqueness really stuck with him. Michael’s father had a small collection of fine watches that he built up over the years. Whenever he got a new watch used to tell me about some of the intricacies of the designs, which were not only fascinating but beautiful. It eventually dawned on Michael that these small mechanical marvels represent so much more than just time-telling devices, and he thought it would be nice to offer them to the world in a unique way — hence Time-lapse Company was born.

Interesting Fact

Juxtapositions play a large part in the design themes of Timelapse art. This element can be challenging because Timelapse will accomplish the task through contemporary jewelry. The movements Timelapse uses often date back decades, with most of the pieces being about half a century old or more. The age of the activities is one of the exciting facets of the works since, in a sense, the creation is a mini time capsule offering a small window into history for all who look upon the collection.

Materials Used

Aside from using the repurposed watch movements, Timelapse uses recycled industrial precious metals during the manufacturing process, from silver to gold. While they may be recycled in origin, the end result is of the highest quality standards, since the base metals go through a very premium refining process prior to being used. By using recycled precious metals, the company aims to do its part in lessening the demand for new mining and drilling projects, which are highly and irreversibly destructive to the environment.

Timelapse as a Statement Piece

Westerband would like to think of Timelapse as the perfect statement piece but admits to being biased. He said, “Through the pieces, the company attempts to describe concepts of dualism, whereby seemingly opposite forces are in fact necessarily complementary and it’s this duality that makes life beautiful. ” For example, they have wrapped the vintage movements in contemporary designs, while the company has tried to make the pieces accessible so that they can be worn either casually or in more formal environments. Timelapse intentionally designs their creations so that they can be worn either casually or in more formal environments. Timelapse intentionally designs them in such a way that many statements can be made not only about the pieces themselves, but of course the wearer as well. In terms of gifting, Timelapse pendants make for a wonderful gift. The pendant can be easily personalized with names, dates, or sayings, which makes it more special and heartwarming.

The Collection

Currently, our collections consist of an assortment of various necklaces, pendants, bracelets, bangles, and specialty pieces, such as the Moonstone Ear Cuff designed in collaboration with actress Kara Royster. Plans are in the works to continue expanding their offerings and release more collaborations.

As a brand, Westerbrand would describe Time-lapse as a thoughtful accessories brand. Yet, as stated beforehand, “we’re really a statement brand providing pieces of art and history through our offerings. I would like to believe that we are making a difference, if at least by providing a temporary reprieve from the monotony of more commonplace designs,” said Michael Westerband. As we all know the earth without art is just mediocre.

Michael Westerband

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