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Alexis Hunter Jewelry: Statement Pieces with Beauty and Meaning

Are you interested in jewelry that pops and makes a true statement? Then you need to look at the Alexis Hunter Jewelry collection. Alexis designs pieces that represent beauty and meaning. Her collection is unique and features authentic statement jewelry. If you want a piece that is more delicate in feel, she offers that as well. When Alexis conceived her distinctive line of jewelry and accessories, it was merely a natural outgrowth of the paintings and other visual art she had engaged in for decades. Alexis is a true artist and activist. Alexis is a supporter of women's rights and the LGBTQ community, and her life experiences reflect what she advocates for.

Alexis is also an accomplished author who wrote the novel JOI LANSING: A BODY TO DIE FOR (if you have not read the book, it's a bombshell)! Told with a still palpable love by the author, the book places the reader into the heart of a relationship that couldn't have known it was destined for such a brief shelf life. The book beautifully chronicles the four-year relationship of actress Joi Lansing and Alexis Hunter. It candidly relays their sweet love story that unfortunately ended in tragedy. Most importantly, the reader is immersed in how these two met as friends and became lovers. It is a story of their Hollywood life.

When Gemma Magazine heard that Alexis was designing a jewelry collection, we had to know more about her creations, inspiration, and overall aesthetic. She definitely features strong statement pieces but whimsical as well. Alex is an accomplished painter, and she has shown her work in Beverly Hills, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Palm Springs, Atlanta, and Athens, Greece. Her passion for jewelry design, evolves from her love of all things artistic. Alexis's jewelry is wearable art. What started off as an artistic hobby's become a career. Several years ago, something extraordinary happened to shift the dynamic. Alexis's unique bracelets, necklaces, and earrings hand-made in her Palm Springs home were increasingly being worn by a diverse swath of celebrities: Steven Tyler, Shari Belafonte, Liv Tyler, Chandler Leighton, Marilyn Michaels, Joanna Cassidy, Gail O'Grady, and Ruta Lee are all loyal patrons of Alexis's jewelry.

The late comedian Kaye Ballard was one of the first to show excitement to Alexis Hunter's jewelry. She was a good friend and quick to refer others. Hollywood and New York responded in kind, as did the music industry. The list also keeps growing, extending to Victoria's Secret/Cosmopolitan model Shaddick MacGregor. Most recently, Tamilee Webb of Buns of Steel fame and a prominent animal rights advocate have sought out the new line, as did infamous soap opera villain Louise Sorel, a significant animal rights advocate, especially now with the new 'PAWS For Thought' collection's animal rights message. The new collection features a sterling silver paw imprint that is gorgeous. Alexis has also designed a pendant for the Coachella Valley Horse Rescue, donating one of the pieces to a charity auction. She is now designing full-time and enjoying every piece that she creates.

"My customers are diverse. Some are celebrities, and others are women and men who are fun-loving individuals who enjoy making a statement with their choice of jewelry.  They are aware that specific pieces fit their personal taste and personality."
Alexis Hunter

When did you know that you wanted to make jewelry design a career? It has become my passion. I love the process and the final product. I feel alive and excited about creating something I hope someone will love and treasure. I've been making jewelry for around 6 years.  I started by learning basics at a local bead store.  The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn.  I would spend all my free time checking out the new pretty beads and jewelry components. Stringing beads was fun, but I wanted to do much more.  I could imagine all the amazing possibilities. After a few years of learning and experimenting with various semiprecious gemstones, leather and chain, I realized I was hooked!  This made me happy!  I love creating something beautiful, and actually supporting myself with it is a bonus.

A lot of celebrities have responded positively to your jewelry. How does that make you feel? I'm absolutely thrilled that celebrities love my work!  Having them wear a piece I've created is a major turn on.  They have access to amazingly talented designers, and the fact that they want a necklace or bracelet from me, blows me away.

There are a few celebrities I'd love to have wear something I've made:  Salma Hayek, Charlize Theron, Catherine Deneuve, Sofia Vergara and Catherine Zeta-Jones. 

Where do you get your inspiration for your jewelry, and how do you stay updated on the latest trends in the industry?

I research quite a bit. However, a lot of times, themes inspire me. I adore working with a theme or specific concept in mind. I just finished a Mardi Gras-themed necklace. I love New Orleans and Mardi Gras. Whimsy and fantasy are my favorite ideas. I love Halloween, Christmas, St. Patrick's Day, New York, Paris, and anything fun and playful. I love checking out fashion trends through magazines such as Gemma and Vogue. I'm constantly checking out the jewelry celebrities wear on the awards shows. I love fashion and beauty. 

Who is the 'Alexis Hunter customer'? My customers are diverse. Some are celebrities, and others are women and men who are fun-loving individuals who enjoy making a statement with their choice of jewelry.  They are aware that specific pieces fit their personal taste and personality.

How do you source materials for your designs? I surf the internet for fun and unusual pendants, brooches, and charms. I also go to vintage shops looking for unique pieces to incorporate into a design. I also love making a treasured piece with heirloom items from a client. These include earrings, brooches, charms, and even broken necklaces and bracelets. I delight in making something my client will wear instead of storing these keepsakes in a drawer.  

How do you balance creativity with market demand when designing jewelry?

I balance my creativity with fashion trends. Certain types of chains are prevalent. Paperclips and the U-shaped chain are in fashion. I work to keep my designs updated, but most of all, I always make a statement. That is my signature -- to make a statement that is filled with beauty, elegance and meaning.

What are some of the trends you see emerging in jewelry design? There's always beauty and elegance in design. Jewelry is created to adorn us. Hearts and butterflies are always popular themes. I've also seen abstract methods in the marketplace. Younger women like more delicate and simple designs. My clients are generally more mature and love making a statement. 

How do you ensure your pieces are unique and stand out in a competitive market? My designs are one of a kind. I don't duplicate. They're all unique.

What do you enjoy most about being a jewelry designer, and what sets you apart from other designers in the industry?

I love beauty! I enjoy nothing more than creating something a person will love to own and wear. Seeing someone smile when they see the final design makes me happy.

I am an artist whose medium is made of metal, pearls, gemstones, and sometimes leather.  

Do you ever design sustainable jewelry?

Many of the elements I use in the creation of my wearable art jewelry are composed of quality handmade charms, pendants and brooches by artisans and not just big factory production pieces.  I try to use as many of these as possible.  In the future, I will strive to make my work with sustainability in mind.

Most importantly, how do you stay authentic to your brand with all the trends? 

I enjoy having my work evolve. I like working with different materials, even Portuguese cork for vegans and others who prefer using non-animal related products. 

The most important thing for my design authenticity is balance and symmetry in my work. It must be pleasant to the eye and hopefully something of beauty.

To keep up with Alexis Hunter on social media, you can follow her on facebook and instagram.

Alexis Hunter

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