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The Ultimate Creative: Talent Manager Marthe Vangman

Marthe Vangman

Who Is Marthe Vangman?

Marthe Vangman is a creative force between her strong vision for artists and the strategies to get there. Marthe helps artists bring their creative vision to life, and she's excellent in this role. She is a successful entrepreneur immersing herself music, artist, and content management. Marthe is a content creator who specializes in working with talented content creators and brands. Her range of experience consists of working with talent ranging from musicians, gamers, kid creators, and now top level TikToc influencers. Marthe has strong storytelling techniques and narrative-driven content to tell. This translates to helping creators use their content and turn their brand into as sustainable business.

How Did It All Start?

Ever since she was a little girl, she was fascinated with behind-the-scenes content. At 19, Marthe decided to follow her dream of working in the movie business. She moved from Sweden to Los Angeles and has not looked back. Shortly after starting school, she interned at one of LA's biggest music management companies called YM&U. The agency manages high-end talent such as Steve Aoki, Blink-182, James Arthur, and many more. Through this internship, Marthe gained incredible knowledge and then went on to work with the well-known DJ trio Cheat Codes. While working at Cheat Codes, Marthe worked with them on creating music videos, organizing live streams, setting up a tour, setting up shows, organizing sessions and collaborations, and everything else that would assist Cheat Codes in expanding upon their career. Her work with Cheat Codes was relevant and the information gained was priceless.

Soon after, Marthe joined the team at Studiotime, where she created a company division titled Studiotime Sessions. It was an innovative and sharp idea. Studiotime Sessions was a series of live events organized to showcase the music studios connected to Studiotime and upcoming feature artists.

Marthe's next opportunity was to join the team at Invisible Narratives. At Invisible Narratives, she has worked with creators on developing creative projects and building intellectual property. Marthe is now leading the talent department and is the one that helps creators make their creative vision come to life.

Marthe also has a very busy spring and summer with exciting new projects. Currently, she is working on the second feature in the Faze Clan cinematic universe. Also, she is also set to start working on the comedy feature film, "Time Tripper," which will feature some of todays top TikTok influencers. Additionally, Marthe is currently working with creators like Lizzy Capri, BWA Jack, Yoselan, Jessii Vee, Dimucc, Greg Renko and many more on building out brands in tandem with content series.

When Marthe had a moment to stop, she took time to chat with Gemma Magazine about working with artists, creating content, and the innovative ideas that she comes up with. So, lets's get into it!

What inspired your interest in working in the movie business?

Ever since I was a kid, I've been very impressed by movies and wanted to understand the production behind them. I remember being very young when I started watching behind-the-scenes content, and I loved learning about the process that goes into film production. I'm also very visual, so I'd come up with stories and characters in my head, and I wanted to learn how to make these stories come to life.

Please expand upon your first internship. What was the most important lesson that you learned?

My first internship was with the artist management company YM&U, representing musicians, athletes, and creators in the digital space. I worked with the musical department and learned all the hustling of being a musician. I got to work with the managers on mapping out and scheduling tours, organizing sessions, analyzing online streams, putting together live shows, and, the most fun part, creatively coming up with stories for music videos. I got to work with the art director on developing concepts for music videos and creating a visual deck that we then presented to the artists. It was the most fun internship, and the most important lesson I learned was understanding the teamwork that goes into every step of the musician's career, and that's the team behind them that makes it possible for them to succeed.

What were some of the creative ideas that you came up with for Studiotime Sessions that took place via Studiotime?

Studiotime Sessions was a series of events that I put together with the founder of Studiotime, Mike Williams. Studiotime is known to be the "Airbnb of music studios" and is the world's largest & most trusted online community of music studios. The events aimed to showcase the studios and create a place for people in the music industry to come and network and discover new artists. The events were held at different locations. One was the infamous recording studio called The Village Studios, where iconic artists such as The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Lady Gaga, Coldplay, and John Mayer recorded their music. These live music events became a way for Studiotime to build a community of musicians, agents, managers, and others in the music industry. We quickly grew the audience from 30 people to 200 attendees.

"I also really love working with creative people! I love that every day is different, and I get to work on many various projects. Seeing a project come to fruition after working on it for a long time is super rewarding, and I almost get a kick out of those moments. There's always new opportunities in the pipeline, and I get to be a part of helping creators expand their careers." (Marthe Vangman)

You currently work at Invisible Narratives. What is it like working with creatives and helping their vision come to life?

It's the most rewarding and fun job. I create content others will watch, enjoy, and be inspired by. Since we work with a broad range of creators, I get to tap into many different areas of creating content, like kids and family, comedy, educational, horror, adventure, mystery, action, etc. We work closely with creators on building out content formats, where we take one idea and make it into a series of events that we can build upon even further. The coolest part about narrative storytelling is that we can decide how the story will end and change the story as we roll out the content depending on the audience's reaction. It's just fascinating being around creatives and seeing an idea come to life from the creator's and audience's perspectives.

Three characteristics of an effective talent manager?

Many people must learn you must be highly creative with content, opportunities, and solutions. Another characteristic is to be a people person since you're dealing with people and constantly have to meet new people. Lastly, it's essential to have the ability to be highly organized and on top of things. As a Talent manager, it's your responsibility to ensure things move forward and keep track of what's happening.

What do you love most about being a talent manager?

I also really love working with creative people! I love that every day is different, and I get to work on many various projects. Seeing a project come to fruition after working on it for a long time is super rewarding, and I almost get a kick out of those moments. There's always new opportunities in the pipeline, and I get to be a part of helping creators expand their careers.

Tell us about "Time Tripper," featuring some of today's top TikTok influencers.

Time Tripper is a comedy feature film where the main character, "Larri," accidentally travels back to 1992. Here he has to figure out life without any social media, google maps, or other technologies that we depend on today. He must discover his "analog instincts" to survive the '90s and return to the current year. The story touches upon issues of living in a heavily tech-led society vs. a non-tech-led community. It has a comedic way of making fun of Generation Z. The movie will feature some of today's biggest Tiktok Influencers and is set to go into production this upcoming summer. I'm beyond excited to be a part of this project and work on a project that will bring value to the younger audience.

Another upcoming project is the second movie in the Faze Clan universe. Tell us a little about what to expect.

I can't say much about this project other than it will be a feature film interconnected with the first feature, "Crimson, " released in 2020. It will be the second movie of a series of upcoming films featuring some of today's biggest Youtube stars. The movie series will continue in the vein of horror mixed with comedy and is targeted to be released in late 2024.

Tell us about working with BWA Jack and the upcoming series, "Lovelady Inc."

Jack Lovelady, aka BWA Jack, is a Youtube comedy and sketch content creator I started working with in October 2022. We're developing a content series called Lovelady Inc, where Jack mysteriously finds secret documents for a hidden family corporation. Throughout the content series, the viewer gets to follow Jack as he discovers more about the private corporation and what activity "Lovelady Inc." is doing. Through comedic content, we also see how Jack's family reacts to him finding out about the corporation, leading to some crazy events. Working with Jack on this project has been fun, as he is a creative machine with so much drive and passion for creating great content!

What would you say if a creative asked you for advice on the industry and becoming an influencer?

Find your niche, and be ready to work hard. Being a creator is a full-time job, with constant pressure to create new exciting content and stay relevant. Creators are constantly fighting the algorithm's clock and having a consistent content schedule. Please communicate with your audience; they are your biggest supporters and the best focus group. Ask them what they like, engage in the comment section, and become friends with your fans. Be selective with brand deals, and collaborate with other creators. It's not an easy industry, but it's the most fun job you'll ever have when you get a grip on how it works.

Marthe Vangman working

You can keep up with Marthe Vangman and her upcoming projects through her Instagram:


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