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The Man Behind the Brand: Odain Watson from Odaingerous

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Odain Watson might be a fierce fashionista, but he's also an incredible entrepreneur, has a sharp eye for marketing, and thoroughly knows fashion from a consumer point of view. Founded by Odain Watson, Odaingerous has fast become the go-to brand for the most exclusive, unique, and custom outerwear amongst celebrities, socialites, and fashion glitterati. Centered around creating your reality and living your truth Odaingerous offers next-generation streetwear apparel that's bold, iconic, edgy, and Odaingerously unapologetic. It's also original and fearless -- like Odain himself. Additionally, Odaingerous is a member of the SCMSDC, supporting diversity and inclusion.

Gemma Magazine was thrilled to interview the successful designer and entrepreneur with a penchant for jackets. His apparel store is currently online only (although, he is thinking of doing pop-up shops) and features streetwear for men and women that consists of underwear, tees, sweatshirts, and footwear. The brand is very cutting edge, as Odain always honors the unique aesthetic of his brand. When he had a moment, we talked about fashion, his inspiration, and the creative process. Currently, Odaingerous is only online. However, Odain is thinking of doing pop-up shops.

What are the names of your two collections?

The first collection is called 'Revenge,' where I collaborated with Joe Exotic. The collaboration with Joe was a fantastic, eye-opening, and blessed experience. I learned a lot about myself, my business abilities, and the overall branding structure of a project. The second collection is called 'Drama,' which is inspired by the past year and the process of moving past that professionally and personally. It's a homage to the abstract and the Odangerous flower print. The drama rose print was my interpretation of the Phoenix rising through the ashes for the drama collection. It represents Odaingerous advancing through the thorns of life and communicating to inspire people.

Odain Watson fashion design in leather jacket and jeans
Odain Watson

You started in outerwear. Do you have plans to return to that?

Yes! Outerwear has always been the anchor of my brand. I've always loved jackets -- I'm in the process now of designing three jackets that will be called The Holy Trinity. I may even do a virtual installation for that.

"Fashion has helped me evolve as a person by helping to be an outlet. Fashion and style should be about expressing yourself and be an extension of what you want to communicate. The overall creative process has brought me through some of my most challenging times." -Odain Watson

What are some big sellers?

Underwear is a big seller as well as sweatshirts and tees. Footwear can be a bit more challenging because the consumer always wants to try the shoes on in the store. However, we do have those consistent customers that continue to purchase their footwear online.

What trends do you see happening now?

I see a lot of the unisex trend at the moment -- For instance, a cool look at the moment is baggy jeans usually worn with a small top underneath and a loose shirt over it. Apparel is way more oversized at the moment. People will always love comfort, but there will be elements of styling to it.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

People inspire me. I go on walks and love to "people watch." I actually call them my prayer walks. All sorts of learning inspire me. When I hear someone's story, I usually channel that energy into the clothing line. Therefore, each piece tells a story.

Did you know that you always loved fashion?

Well, I started off loving the arts in general, which represented a "community" to me. Unfortunately, we are moving further away from that. Right now, everything is just so competitive. I'm genuinely happy when others succeed and feel there is more than enough for everyone. I wear other brands and try to support them. I have always been this way. Again, we need to get back to the arts being more of a community.


How has fashion helped you evolve as a person?

Fashion has helped me evolve as a person by helping to be an outlet. Fashion and style should be about expressing yourself and be an extension of what you want to communicate. The overall creative process has brought me through some of my most challenging times.

To keep up with Odain Watson, follow him on his social media platforms:

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Dee Williams
Dee Williams
24 de mar. de 2022

Odain is an extra who lost his way in the world of Hollywood by committing fraud with multiple convictions. Odain landed in the world of screen printing tee-shirts as a way to connect to the creative industry. His outsourced screen printed clothing is made in the garment district by a third party in downtown Los Angeles. Odain has a long history of using and discarding the naive and unwitting people he meets by confusing their sensibilities with his photos that he takes at Hollywood events. Odain has snuck his way into the hottest Hollywood parties by his talent of self promotion. His last on screen role was ten years ago in a non-speaking capacity. His caution tape printed jackets ar…

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