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Skincare x Poetry: Skin Poem

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Christine Uy-Simpson

If you want to discover an incredibly unique skincare line, try Skin Poem! Skin Poem consists of skincare creams for the face and additional areas for the skin. It is a brand that is intentional and purposeful. It is a skincare line where the customer's needs come first. They want you to pause and be reminded that "You" matter too. It is also a brand that promotes optimal skincare to many areas of the skin. Christine was inspired to create the brand due to her younger brother, who was diagnosed with psoriasis. Not to mention that each product comes with a poem that inspires.

The brand is very unique as well by promoting the written word through poetry.

Skin Poem believes in the power of the written word and how healing it is in processing emotions. On the website, you are even invited to submit a poem that could possibly be featured. When Christine had a moment, she spoke with Gemma Magazine about Skin Poem products, its healing ingredients, and the overall process of being an entrepreneur.

Skin Poem is such a beautiful concept. What was your inspiration for creating this brand?

Thank you so much! Skin Poem is a concept that came like a force from the universe; I never expected myself to start a business, let alone during the pandemic. However, my husband believes that “we are exactly where we are supposed to be” so this may have long been written in my stars. My primary inspiration would be my youngest brother, who was diagnosed with psoriasis. I started reading about creams and the maintenance of skin lotions. One day, I opened it up to my aunt, who owns a facility that exclusively develops and formulates skin care products and has dermatologists as a significant clientele. I never expected that a visit to her would start this whole thing. But looking back, one year and a half back, I am genuinely grateful to have this opportunity.

Are all your products vegan?

Our creams and mists do not contain animal-derived ingredients. Our soap contains collagen, so this would be an exception. However, for me to say it is vegan without a proper certificate doesn’t sound right.

Tell me about the moisturizers and the brightening mist.

I would be delighted to! Our F.P. series has two types of skin moisturizers. First, creams are not just for the face but also different areas of the skin.

Our F.P. cream contains Annona cherimola extract, the humble custard apple. Sourced from Germany, this active ingredient, being creamy, also has a high level of vitamin C that aids in faster healing, serves as an antioxidant, and calms inflammation.

We recommend this for targeted areas in the skin that experiences occasional, seasonal, or recurring dryness, itchiness, and redness- may it the face, arms, knees, shoulders, hands, belly, or anywhere.

The second moisturizer is the Intensive Ceramide Lotion, which contains five different types of ceramides which have long been used to help the skin create a healthy and moisturized environment. It is also blended with olive oil extract to boost antioxidants, guava extracts for faster healing, and nelumbo nucifera, or our humble lotus flower, to help rid skin of toxins as it replenishes moisture to the skin.

We called it F.P. series as if it was an ode to our brother, Paul- as he inspired me to create this line with hopes of helping those dealing with dry skin conditions. F.P. is For Paul.

On the other hand, our Brightening Mist contains fucoidan algae from the south of France that has been studied to prove that it helps the skin stay moisturized. Our mist protects the skin, creating a protective and anti-inflammatory barrier. It also protects the skin from harmful U.V. rays and inhibits the production of melanin, helping to brighten the skin. Furthermore, it has a cooling effect to give that instant refreshed/reset feel. You can spray this anytime in the day.

Skin Poem Products

What is your bestseller?

Our first batch of mist sold out over the holidays, which is our best seller. Our line does not aim to replace your existing skin care regimen but complements it. We are grateful for the excellent feedback we have been receiving from our customers, so hopefully, as we move forward, people will also want to try the rest of our products.

Dryness of the skin, whether face, arms, hands, or other parts, happens to a lot of us; it could be the weather, hormone-related (my skin gets extra dry and itchy before I get my period), stress, or any other factors, so our skin moisturizers can be used primarily during this time. My eldest daughter has occasional eczema and has been using the intensive ceramide moisturizer for quite some time now.

Our collagen and colloidal oatmeal soap is an excellent way to cleanse your skin, as it works with skin creams. Oatmeal is an anti-inflammatory and is used to calm redness and itchiness. We formulated it with collagen sourced from Korea to help give firmness and elasticity to the skin as it also moisturizes intensely, addressing dryness after showering.

Do you plan to expand your product line?

Coming up with products that are formulated from scratch takes time - especially the testing phase. We are currently working on the four new products we plan to launch in this year's 2nd – 3rd quarter. We are excited to share that very soon! We are also dropping a limited edition cooling volcanic skin exfoliator in time for summer. So stay tuned for that!

Good skin isn’t the perfect kind. It’s the one that’s been healed from the hurt. The one that’s been loved, accepted and fought for. Yes, good skin is not the perfect kind. It’s the one that we have and the one that we will embrace. Let’s do it right. (Skin Poem)

I love that your site promotes skincare and poetry. Please expand.

I grew up with writing as a form of expressing my emotions. I always kept journals, accounts of different seasons, from the darkest to the happiest. The writing was a way for me to get a hold of what I was feeling and to be able to release what was inside my heart and mind. Poetry was one of them. I have a small collection of poetry that I have written during my most emotional state. Some were sad; some were written to help me move on. Either way, writing was always an effective way to show a deeper side of myself.

Words have a way of healing us. When we feel lonely, sad and down, hurting and anxious, we always tend to feel better after listening to someone we trust tell us encouraging, comforting, reassuring words. No matter how simple, as long as it is sincere and from the heart, with good intentions, we always end up feeling uplifted. There is power in the words we say. Consciously choosing the words we tell ourselves or others makes a difference, and we will see how it eventually manifests in how we are as a person.

This is why I thought, why not include it in our products? It may be simple, but when you take time to read and take it to heart, you accept these words as a way to connect to you, to impact you in your way of seeing it. It could serve as a reminder that we matter, too, in the midst of what is going on with our very busy and rushed schedules. We also have to remember to pause, take a break, and appreciate how we are living. Even if we do this in small pockets throughout the day, it will make a massive difference in how we view life.

What is your overall vision for Skin Poem?

Skin Poem is a gentle, kind, intentional skincare brand that works. To become a brand that its users will love well. We want to grow our small team into a company that can give back. We want to touch lives and make people smile by simply purchasing our products, knowing that we send them our best each time they use them. We want our users to constantly be reminded that they are just as valuable as the people and things they are taking care of.

Do you have a favorite poem, and what is it?

I don't have a single favorite. I appreciate any forms of poetry, the haikus, odes, free verse, anything. Even well-written songs are a form of poetry. The beautiful thing about poetry is that for a person to come up with these words, they need to connect deeply with their hearts; that is why when you read a beautiful poem, you also feel the emotional connection to the person writing it. But like many things in life, you need to be open and accepting these words and imagine, think, and feel every word and verse. This way, you can fully appreciate the poem's whole message.

How do your products stand out from the market?

I know this for sure, and I will be candid with you. With the thousands of skincare brands ranging from mass, mid, and high-end in the market, and being such a newcomer in this industry, I have yet to learn how we can get a share of loyal users. We have to focus on working hard to introduce our products and communicate well to reach our customers. But, with the confidence, I have in the quality of our ingredients and formula, the support we have, and the relationships we have built in our business journey, Skin Poem will likely find its niche soon.

What is next for Skin Poem?

Aside from the current testing phase for the four products we plan to launch this year, we plan to be more visible in the market. We plan to do pop-ups, join bazaars, and sponsor causes that align with our values. We hope to support organizations helping promote mental health's importance and groups that value poetry, literature, and essays. Hopefully, as the world moves on from the pandemic, we will all have a bright 2023. Thank you for your time; it was such a pleasure to share our vision!

To keep up with Skin Poem follow them on Instagram at

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