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Shann Christen: A Guide To Healthy Hair Through BioMethod

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Shann Christen

Who is Shann Christen?

Shann Christen is a Beverly Hills-based celebrity stylist with 20+ years of hair care experience. Early in his career, he realized hair is more than what is visible on the surface. He translated this passion for helping clients restore true hair health into a certification of Trichology -- a branch of medical and cosmetic study dedicated to the hair and scalp, including anatomy, growth and aging. Shann received a Certification in Trichology from CTB s.r.l. in Italy — Scuola di Comunicazione e Tecnica, where he conducted 12 years of Trichological research and study. Shann is also the developer and creator of the revolutionary BioMethod line of hair care products. At Shann Christen Studio Salon, they take the time to get to know your hair and your hair health to give it what it needs most. Trichologist and Celebrity Stylist Shann Christen has gone beyond the traditional hair training of cosmetic stylist to include extensive education in Trichology, (the scientific study of hair).

Shann now specializes in hair and scalp disorders. He offers a variety of services for the treatment of Seborrhea, Alopecia, and more. His approach to hair care is rooted in the concept that hair is alive and needs daily nutrients, which stretches across not only health care for the hair but in the color process, haircutting, extensions, and chemical services.

He begins with a consultation about your specific hair care wants, needs, and concerns. This consultation can be as simple as selecting your best hair color or cut through microscopic and genetic analysis of the hair health and causes of all kinds of hair loss issues. The salon offers cuts and colors that are tailored to bring out your best features as well as help you achieve the style you are looking for. Keeping the health and growth of the hair is a continued theme through all services performed at the Shann Christen Studio Salon.

What is BioMethod?

BioMethod is dedicated to high standards of manufacturing and is cruelty free, environmentally friendly, and only uses the finest of pure ingredients. All BioMethod products are Minoxidil Free - eliminating negative side effects. From alopecia to damaged hair or hair thinning - BioMethod has you covered. Designed by lead Trichologists - BioMethod products are scientifically engineered to treat the catalysts of hairloss or hair thinning.

Men believe it's genetic while women say that their hair just does not grow. However, you don't have to accept the myths of hair loss. Overall, BioMethod is revolutionizing the way we think about hair, right down to the how and why of daily shampooing. The natural ingredients in the products Shann offers safely remove hydrolipidic film without stripping away the hair's natural essential minerals and nutrients.

Gemma Magazine had the opportunity to speak with Shann regarding hair trends, Shann's specific salon services, and of course, healthy hair. He's very committed to his craft as well as being very passionate about being a Trichologist.

What do you enjoy most about being a hairdresser, and what motivates you to excel in your field? Revealing beauty happens not only on the exterior but is projected from within. The hairdresser that pulls the inner beauty through beautifying the exterior beauty has achieved greatness! Knowing that I can help people suffering from hair loss and other hair and scalp conditions is very rewarding as a Trichologist. My work with hair pieces and extensions also can be very gratifying. These beauty elements motivate me to excel with every client seeking my help.

You are a talented stylist as well.

Have you seen popular trends that have taken shape over the summer season?

Curtain bangs, surface hair cutting to create long Trendel ends, sun highlighted tips.

There are a lot of short haircuts this summer. What would you recommend before making this change? What factors should be taken into consideration?

Cutting off your hair is a long-term commitment. Please take a moment to consider the facial structure and the retention of one's femininity. Don't cut off your hair and then look like a boy!

How often should I be getting my hair trimmed to maintain its health?

Hair should be cut on as-needed basis.

What do you do to ensure excellent customer service and a positive salon experience for your clients? My salon atmosphere is hip but calming and relaxing. I have 1000sqft dedicated to one-on-one assistance. My entire focus is on one client at a time, creating a safe and satisfying experience. Plus, as a human, I spend much time focused on my well-being, so the energy I bring into my space is cheerful and generous.

Can you describe a hair transformation and why you were incredibly proud? I have had many transformations over the years, not just in cut and color but in hair restoration. I'm proud of every woman who comes to me with hair loss and devastation to the body of hair, and to restore and regrow that body of hair creates a lot of pride in me and my work.

What inspired you to get into Trichology? My hair loss.

Why does our hair thin as we age? The list is long. There are genetic reasons we lose our hair. There are environmental, dietary, and general grooming reasons we lose our hair.

How do you access and diagnose typical hair and scalp conditions related to Trichology?

Diagnoses happen in many ways; I look at the scalp. Then, I feel the scalp (is it tight or loose? Is it hard or spongy? I also use a scalp microscope that allows me visual access to the follicle, the condition of the follicular wall, and hair loss. For the most complicated cases, I can perform an extraction, where I pull out 20 or so hairs, process them and then look at them under a traditional microscope to view the papilla and the keratin formation.

Can you provide examples of hair and scalp conditions you have successfully treated through Trichology?

My most recent client lost her hair due to heavy metal and arsenic poisoning that triggered an auto-immune response that caused her hair to develop Alopecia Areata. But I see clients experiencing over-processed hair, hormonal hair loss, genetic hair loss, medications, and sweat (Lactic Acid).

How have you stayed updated with the treatments?

I have the support of a fantastic institution and manufacturer in Torino, Italy. They are constantly updating technology while maintaining a 70-year-old product line rooted in the science of Trichology with formulas proven over decades. Their investment in me has been tremendous and greatly appreciated. I'm so grateful that they oversaw my education under such particular circumstances.

You have experience working with clients dealing with hair loss and thinning issues. How do you approach their needs?

First, I approach everyone from a personal perspective. I want to hear their own hair loss story. Then finding the proper diagnosis is key! Hair loss and thinning aren't always the great mystery we think it is. For instance, sometimes it's as simple as not washing your hair enough, and other times it's genetic.

How do you educate your clients on proper hair care and scalp care

I educate my clients about biology-based hair and scalp care during treatments. We have been taught so many cosmetic fallacies about hair care -- like natural oils are somehow the body's natural conditioner. But this is entirely false. I spend six treatments with each client weekly to impart some change to someone's hair.

What does BioMethod have that other treatments do not?

It's an all-natural, nourishing, home treatment cleansing system rooted in the discipline of Trichology. My scalp shampoo, Energisant Pro, has a natural 5-Alpha blocker and, sebaceous balancing and is a damn good wash! Fortifiant+ Shampoo is one of the only complex sugar shampoos. When it comes to moisture retention, nothing beats it.

Have you worked with other professionals, such as dermatologists or doctors, to address more complex hair and scalp conditions?

Dermatologists and doctors refer patients to me. They don't have the trichology training here in the US as they do in Europe... Working with other healthcare professionals is always rewarding. It can play a large part in diagnosis by getting blood work done and running medical tests I cannot order.

Is this an emotional process for the client?

OF COARSE! People come in weeping from their hair loss stories. They also go in there bald, nearly bald, broken, and diseased.

We put so much time and energy into looking great because hair is empowerment! It is the instinctual signal to men that a woman is good genes for breeding. Hair is worshiped and covered to conceal its temptation and allure of beauty.

To learn more about Shann and BioMethod, follow him on Instagram:

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