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Set For Stardom: Actress and Singer Ainsley Ross

Ainsley Ross is an accomplished singer, songwriter, actress, and stuntwoman. She was born in a small East Texas town with a population of less than 800. However, she had big goals from a small age. From the time she could talk, she has had a passion for entertaining and encouraging others. She started acting in a small-town community theater when she was nine, along with writing music. By the young age of 14, Ainsley Ross had written over 80 songs. Ainsley’s first project was a feature film working with Fire Catcher Productions in a supporting role as Annie Ross in The Reins Maker. She wrote and performed music for the film’s soundtrack as well. Traveling is also a passion of hers, and she feels fortunate that it goes hand and hand with the career path she is passionately pursuing. Ainsley is also very skilled in martial arts, which has given her a strong sense of self.

She loves spending time in L.A. and studying with some of the greats:). In her spare time, Ainsley is a mentor and a public speaker, encouraging our youth to “Just Be You” (also the title of her first CD released in 2015). Ainsley is very passionate about her work and love for the industry and hopes to change the way the public views the entertainment industry. “There are so many great success stories, but people tend to focus on the negative. Most people honestly have no idea what it takes and just how much work and sacrifice go into each project,” said Ainsley. She would like to study Film in Europe and L.A., allowing her to become an experienced writer/director in the future. She wants to learn every aspect of writing and acting to bring unique projects to life.

In addition to her songwriting, singing, and acting endeavors, Ainsley is currently studying Occupational Therapy. She also gives a lot of her time to mentoring teens in order to develop healthy self-esteem. When she had a moment to stop, Ross took the time to speak with Gemma Magazine, which we highly appreciate.

Firstly, How have you been since COVID started? Has it been a time of creativity for you? My family is very healthy and we have been enjoying quality time together. I feel very blessed. It has been a time of creativity for me. This time has inspired me to write more, and to make a difference virtually. We can be the change we wish to see in the world still, just in a different way.

Switching gears a bit, I know you always wanted to sing (as well as act) since you were a little girl in east Texas, correct? Was there one that came easier to you than the others? I have always loved entertaining others, ever since I was a young girl in Beckville, Tx. Songwriting came easier to me than anything. I wrote my first song on a paper plate when I was nine years old. At that same age, I joined a community theatre and fell in love with acting as well.

How do you like LA? Also, do you ever miss Texas at times to just “click off” for a while? I lived in Los Angeles for six years. Currently, I am living in Texas and commute to Los Angeles during certain seasons of the year, and for certain projects, etc. I am currently Texas-based. I can work as an Atlanta and New York local as well. Los Angeles gave me an appreciation for Texas. It is so nice to go to bed to the sound of crickets, rather than helicopters for sure. It is nice to click off a while.

What made you become so skilled in martial arts, which is fantastic! Also, have you performed stunts in any of your movies or tv shows? I got involved and invested in martial arts when I was nine years old. From that point on, I trained in Taekwondo until I earned my first-degree black belt. That’s when I found X.M.A. World Headquarters (Extreme Martial Arts World Headquarters), trained by the one and only blue power ranger Mike Chat himself! In X.M.A., I learned a variety of stunts for the film! This was truly a whole new world for me because stunts are so different than traditional fighting. I learned aspects of close-range military combative, Krav Maga, Jiu-Jitsu, and elements of many other defense mechanisms. When I started learning stunts for the film, it opened my heart to a whole new world, and it had my heart and soul ever since.”

It is so important to me. Martial arts have taught me many different things, such as self-love, respect for myself, respect for others, teamwork, and the art of giving back in your community. Martial arts prepared me for life, and it’s such a massive piece of who I am. Martial arts and stunts will always remain huge impacts on my life. My soul feels a whole because of it! This is one of my many outlets of self-expression for me.

I have done my own stunts in films, TV series, etc. In the stunt community, we build each other up. I have been blessed to feel nothing but support, love, and respect from the stunt world. Like any industry, you have to prove and demonstrate your skill set to earn your peers’ respect. Being a stuntwoman and martial artist has always been a foundational part of who I am. It is so empowering to be surrounded and encouraged by the X.M.A. World Headquarter Community. In stunts, it is really about encouraging each other and propelling each other to be the best you can be. We fight hard but train harder. It is a niche market filled with respect and hard work.

Can you talk about “We are 1”? (How did the song come about and what genre would you classify your music? This song is a movement! There is so much hate in our world, derived from; political views, religion, ethnicity, and personal agendas. As I was writing this song it was very clear to me that we needed different artists, (stylistically) from different cultures to join together as 1 to deliver a powerful message of Unity. “We Are 1” has a powerful and beautiful message. There is a need in the world for a song that unites instead of divides people, like the song “We Are the World” has made us all feel for years. There is so much hate in our world, derived from; political views, religion, ethnicity, and personal agendas.

Also, you released an album titled “Just Be You.” Were you involved in most aspects of it? I most assuredly was. I wrote and co-produced “Just Be You” and all of the songs on the “Just Be You Album.” My goal was to encourage others of all ages not to conform to what society thinks they should be! I wrote the song when I was 13, and it went worldwide. I started doing what I called the “Just Be You” movement tour. Wherever I would perform, I brought in the local cosmetologists, including nail techs, thera-pets, hairstylists, and makeup artists, and local restaurants. This allowed all of these kids to have a day just to be themselves! We gave all of the kids’ journals, and we all worked on “Just Be You” games and had discussions and exercises about how to “Just Be You.” This was honestly my favorite part of everything! This Just Be You, a movement, was about boosting the confidence in Pre-teens and teens to help them build their foundation in life. It was an anti-bullying campaign as well, and it has changed my life! Just be You is a song and statement I truly believe in. It’s about embracing and spreading the word about the conformity that occurs in our world today. It’s about embracing what you stand for, and the person you are. To me, to “Just Be You” is being who you are and not conforming to what others expect you to be. It’s genuinely about being happy and comfortable and proud of who you are as a person. Be proud of your choices, no matter if that is: the food you like, the music you enjoy, or the styles you wear.

I can’t believe that you wrote 80 songs by the time you were only 14. Does writing come naturally to you? Writing does come naturally to me. Life, Moments, memories, and feelings inspire me. Music is all about the emotion and story you have to share with others and how you share it. The passion I have for music is very strong. How do you like playing the character of Mia on Should I Do It? I love portraying this character. This character (Mia Hill) has many different layers to her. A first, you will hate her, but then you become emotionally invested in the reasons why she is the way she is! You will start to feel a sense of love for her. I felt emotionally connected to this role because I felt I could portray this character’s emotions in a way that people will feel everything she is feeling! Honestly, the character Mia Hill and I don’t have anything in common. That’s what made it so challenging and exciting to portray this character. I had to study the scenes, and take a step back and say, “how would Mia Hill view this situation?”

Do you have a dream role? I dream about a Superhero role. I want to encourage kids and others through the events of a hero. It’s a personal goal to attain an action role, and intertwine my love for film into something wholesome, and impactful.

What actresses do you admire? I admire many. A few of my favorites are Hugh Jackman, Julia Stiles, and Rachel McAdams.

Tell us a bit about your interest in Writing/Directing? Appreciating the art of story-telling ever since I was young; as I have grown in the industry it has inspired a wave of creativity. I have learned a lot in the industry and I have such respect for the writers and directors of projects. That is a creative outlet I would love to delve and explore. My dream genre would be action films for sure! I would love to create a product that helps people escape the stress, and experiences of their every-day life; in an immersive, fun, journey of action and comedy. I would love Hugh Jackman to star in one of my films one day!

What is up next for Ainsley Ross?

  1. To attain my college degree in OTA

  2. Appear in films etc.

  3. Remain an influencer, advocating for positivity – Continue the #Weare1movement

  4. New Song releases

  5. Always Making a Difference

To follow Ainsley Ross on Social Media: Instagram: @ainsley_ross

Facebook: @iamainsleyross


Twitter: iamainsleyross

Tik Tok: @ainsleyros_rossofficial

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