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Oh Baby: A Must-See Short Film

Oh, Baby"! is a comedic narrative short that follows Jane: a thirty-something pregnant woman having a baby on her own. Empowered, single, and quite horny, she is determined to get what she wants tonight: sex, chalupas, and no strings attached. Enter Ben, a promising find from the world of online dating -- will he be able to deliver the goods...and then some?

Brooke Trantor directed, co-wrote, and produced the film. Kate Morgan Chadwick is a co-writer and the lead actress of "Oh Baby," who plays Jane (and was pregnant in real life for the film). The short is entertaining, true to form, and heart-warming all at once. I loved it! 'Oh Baby" has two missions. The first represents pregnancy front and center, and the second represents an honest and empowered woman about her sexual life, needs, and desires.

Brooke Trantor grew up in Quincy, Illinois and Kate Morgan Chadwick hails from San Diego. They met in acting school and have maintained a strong friendship ever since. They have gone through a lot together, navigated auditions, and have that consistent trust level, which you need in the entertainment industry. Since they wrote the film together, they felt that they are similar enough, yet still different, to bring various aspects to the table and make it flow.

Gemma Magazine had the opportunity to interview Brooke Trantor and Kate Morgan Chadwick about the film and their multiple roles, and we could not be more excited!

Kate Morgan Chadwick

How did you balance your roles as a co-writer, actress, and producer?

I would say trust would be the number one characteristic. I know Brooke well enough to realize that she has all elements in place so that I could let go of all the technical and timing aspects and focus on just playing Jane most authentically. She created a strong team for the film, and that "trust level" is everything. Personally, in terms of balancing roles, I've learned to let things go a bit and live in the present moment a bit more. I wanted to get everything completed on "Oh Baby" before the baby came, and we almost did. So, it was a great life lesson in terms of "I've done everything that I could." The performance was the priority, which was a cathartic project to work on while I was pregnant. I feel that I'm constantly learning.

What was the sex scene like to film?

Interesting! Vulnerable and raw, but I felt safe the entire time. Jane and Ben (played by TJ Linnard) have great chemistry so that always helps. Also, I loved that the scene was not just one layer. It was very multi-dimensional. The film captured how awkward it can be, and yet, I genuinely loved finding its sensuality. That was so important and am thrilled we captured it.

What inspires you as an actress? My inspiration is to get better and become more evolved as an actor. I do feel that I have a voice inside that I'm trying to let out. I want to excel in all my roles as a mom, wife, artist, and businesswoman and bring that into my acting.

Brooke Trantor

The film is fantastic. How do you balance all your roles as Director, Co-Writer, and Producer?

I enjoy the fact that you do not have to fit into one category anymore. I adore being in front of the camera, but I love being behind it as well. I have a passion for storytelling, and that has to be in my future. Furthermore, so many creatives take on many different tasks in this day and age. I do not want to be categorized in one box. In this way, it really allows you to learn so much about the entertainment industry.

What is your inspiration as a director?

Well, since I have a background in improvisation, I try to bring that freedom to my directing and stay in the present moment as much as possible. There has to be trust and freedom of the moment. I know that trusting the present moment is much easier if all elements/tasks have been taken care of and all pre-production ready. I tend to be a Type A person so I'm always very organized.

One of your goals is to uplift women, correct?

Absolutely! It's a male-dominated world and industry. It's an honor to live in a world of shift and change. I'm thrilled about the creative opportunities! With "Oh Baby," we are telling the story of pregnancy, empowerment, and desire, which was an amazing experience.

"Oh Baby" will premiere Saturday, September 4th at 1:30 pm

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