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Mixing Music with DJ iSizzle

Updated: Mar 7

Let's face it: an excellent DJ can make or break a party. Are you ready to jump into the world of beats, rhythms, and electrifying music? Then look no further than DJ iSizzle (aka Ethan Michaels)! This interview will take you on an exhilarating journey into his life and work as a DJ. It is more complex than it looks. From the pulsating energy of the dance floor to the meticulous art of mixing tracks, we will explore the details of this electrifying profession. Whether you are a music enthusiast or an aspiring DJ, get ready to discover the secrets behind creating unforgettable experiences on the turntables. So grab your headphones, pump up the volume, and let's start this party.

Ethan Michaels, known professionally as DJ iSizzle, is an American DJ, record producer, and musician known for his unique style of seamlessly mixing all genres of music. From the age of 10, Michaels embarked on his DJing odyssey. He remembers explicitly attending a school dance and being mesmerized by the DJ. Later that year, his parents bought him a basic DJ setup, and DJ iSizzle started playing gigs for fun. People began calling him DJ iSizzle, and he thought it had a nice ring. Therefore, he decided to go with it. 

It was during the COVID-19 lockdown that DJ iSizzle took DJing seriously. During the lockdown, iSizzle practiced by watching YouTube tutorials about mixing different music genres and various events. Just as the pandemic ended, he obtained a business license, started a DJ company for around $10,000, and named it DJ iSizzle. After a few years, his clientele spans luminaries like Montell Jordan and Ted Baker London, as well as corporate giants such as Amazon, Target, and McMenamins, and cherished local institutions like the Boys & Girls Club and the legendary Black Angus Steakhouse.

Gemma Magazine recently had the pleasure and opportunity to sit down with DJ iSizzle -- he is a master of the turntables, a music curator, and a crowd energizer. Get ready to dive into the world of the art of DJing. Join us as we explore the passion, creativity, and experiences that shape the life of DJ iSizzle!

Would you say that music has inspired you since age 10?

Since age 10, music has been my heartbeat. From Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive" to Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean," melodies captivated me. Earth, Wind & Fire's funky basslines and Aretha Franklin's soulful vocals resonated deeply. Music became my language, expressing emotions and guiding me through life's journey. It's been my confidant in joy and solace in sorrow, shaping my essence profoundly.

Did a defining moment attract you to the DJ scene?

In middle school, a DJ at a dance sparked my passion for music. His seamless transitions and magnetic charisma mesmerized me. DJs could craft experiences, evoke emotions, and unite people through music. Inspired, I embarked on a journey of sonic exploration and creative expression as a DJ, enriching my life ever since.

What genres of music do you enjoy playing most?

I'm drawn to crowd-moving genres like Earth, Wind & Fire's "September," evoking joy and nostalgia. Line dance classics like "Cha Cha Slide" and "Cupid Shuffle" unite people in synchronized fun. I blend genres, surprising with twists from funk to hip-hop, disco to EDM. It's about creating shared experiences and everlasting memories on the dance floor.

How do you keep the energy up during a live performance?

Understanding the crowd's pulse is paramount. Like a musical telepath, I gauge their energy levels and respond accordingly. Behind the decks, I interact, groove, and connect. Whether through banter, dance-offs, or sing-alongs, forging this symbiotic relationship elevates the energy to unparalleled heights, ensuring an electric atmosphere throughout the night.

How do you select your setlist for different performances?

I synchronize selections with the vibe of the crowd. Each performance is about weaving a narrative through musical landscapes. It's also about fostering intimate connections between music and listeners. I carefully incorporate crowd favorites and timeless classics, guided by intuition, experience, and crowd awareness. Crafting the perfect setlist is about orchestrating an unforgettable, heartfelt experience that resonates beyond the music.

How do you interact with the crowd while DJing?

I read the room like a seasoned philosopher who interprets ancient texts. Some crave constant engagement, hungry for connection with music and maestro. Others prefer to lose themselves in my crafted sonic tapestry with minimal interruption. I adjust, letting the music speak volumes, occasionally checking in to ensure they ride the same cosmic wavelength. It's about balancing engagement and immersion for each unique crowd.

Where do you draw your inspiration to DJ?

I am drawing inspiration channels the essence of greats like Michael Jackson, whose showmanship captivated crowds. Inspiration transcends genres and eras, much like Jackson's blend of pop, soul, and R&B. From live concerts' electrifying energy to classic records' soul-stirring melodies, each experience enriches my creativity as a DJ, contributing to a diverse tapestry of inspiration.

What is most challenging about being a DJ?

Taking song requests adds complexity. While I maintain the party's energy, honoring special requests is crucial, even if unconventional. Balancing the overall vibe and individual moments is critical. Introducing a song that may not ignite the party initially is an art—reading the room, understanding the context, and seamlessly weaving it into the set.

What is most exhilarating?

The most exhilarating part is witnessing disparate souls unite on the dance floor, connected by rhythm. Crafting a journey of sound ignites emotions, forges connections, and creates lasting memories. In those moments, music transcends boundaries, fulfilling me as a sonic navigator. It's an affirmation of music's transformative power when hearts are touched.

Please tell us a bit about your creative process.

The creative process as a DJ is a heartfelt interplay of art and science, intuition and technique. It's about pouring passion into sound waves and forging connections that transcend language and culture. Above all, it's about sharing the profound gift of music with the world, one heartfelt song at a time.

What is up next for DJ iSizzle?

Up next, big things are brewing. We're embarking on a tour across northwest Washington and Oregon, ready to electrify every venue we touch. It's all about connecting with fans, sharing music, and creating unforgettable experiences. Also, a documentary biography, "From Bedroom to Mainstage: The DJ iSizzle Story," chronicling the journey of pursuing a dream, is underway. But above all, the future is about spreading love, unity, and positivity through music.

To keep up with DJ iSizzle, follow him on his social media platforms!

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