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It Skincare for the Miss Universe Pageant: O Skincare by Olivia Quido

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Olivia Quido always knew that she would be an entrepreneur — since her high school days. She expressed, “I always had a knack for selling all sorts of things. In fact, in my class yearbook, I put that I wanted to be an entrepreneur.” “Ms. O,” as most people call her, started her career as a California-licensed esthetician inside a leased spare room in a beauty salon in Artesia, CA, in 2003. Undaunted by the pressures of being new in the industry, she zealously honed her skills in performing facials in the confines of an eight-by-six-foot space while learning the ropes of running a spa. Her determination and resilience paid off as word spread about her talent and work ethic, which later earned her the Woman of the Year award, Top 100 Filipinos in the USA, AARP’s Top 8 Woman Entrepreneur in LA, and a Mayor’s Award for Entrepreneurs in Los Angeles.

By 2012, she opened her second branch in Eagle Rock Plaza Mall. Then, in 2013, she moved her Artesia branch to Cerritos Mall to accommodate more clients. With two units, 12 treatment rooms, three consultation rooms, and a wide range of skin treatment services; from facials, 3D eyebrow sculpting, IV glutathione, Botox, and fillers, to Stem Cell rejuvenation, Plasma lift, and their recent innovation, “Magic foundation,” O Skin Med Spa is now the most sought-after Filipino-owned medical spa in Southern California. They have employed over 40 employees, mostly Filipinos, comprised of licensed nurses, estheticians, doctors, micro-blading artists, and board-certified plastic surgeons.

O Skin Med Spa has also been the medical spa of choice among Filipino beauty queens; from Shamcey Supsup (Miss Universe 2011, 3rd Runner-up), Janine Tugonon (Miss Universe 2012, 1st Runner-up), Ariela Arida (Miss Universe 2013, 3rd Runner-up), to Megan Young (Miss World 2013) and Pia Wurtzbach (Miss Universe 2015). Many Filipino celebrities like KC Conception, Boy Abunda, and Claudine Barretto have endorsed and highly recommend their services. In addition, Hollywood stars such as Patti Austin and many others would drive to LA for their famous signature facial.

In 2011, Olivia launched her own Skincare line — O Skincare, which quickly attained a massive following due to its amazing results. They released their 24-karat-gold infused products under “The Secret Collection,” in 2017. Since then, the collection which is comprised of “Secret Gold,” “Secret Glow”, “Secret Radiance” and soon to be released, “Secret Pearl” became one of the most raved-about skin products among Hollywood celebrities including Danah Cleaton and Shanty Lowry.

The Partnership

Olivia Quido feels deeply honored, humbled, and grateful for her skincare line to be a partner for the Miss Universe Pageant once again. She expressed the heightened excitement and her admiration for the Miss Universe’s team for their optimism. Quido said, “Last year was a tough year, and everything feels uncertain, but they’ve always been reassuring and optimistic about their plans.” They flew to Los Angeles with Quido last year to brainstorm for the next Miss Universe pageant, and even though they didn’t get to hold the pageant last year, they would still keep Olivia informed.

Olivia Quido and Miss Universe

Skincare Secrets for the Contestants and Why “O Skincare” is Ideal for Contestants

This mantra is so simple but very important — Olivia always reminds the contestants to wash their face every night — she emphasized to avoid going to bed without washing your face. Olivia also stressed the immense importance of wearing sunscreen. Finally, she reiterated that O Skincare is recognized for its ability to give your skin that “immediate glow” that you need when you need it. It’s especially perfect for the contestants because they have such hectic schedules. They have no time to spare and do not have the luxury of waiting for results after using a skincare product. Olivia also encourages the young ladies to have a day-and-night skincare routine. She tells them to put on cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and sunblock — in that particular order. Olivia also encourages the girls to use her Secret Gold product every Monday and Thursday night. This specific product will give you amazingly bright and light skin in as little as one application.

Olivia Quido

Why O Skincare is so effective

Olivia Quido feels her products are so effective because they invest in quality and very potent ingredients to achieve the best results, in effect, (the results) can be seen very quickly. They also do clinical studies on all their products. Quido said that she always starts with the “effect” that her consumers want with any product. For example, suppose she’s cresting a solution that produces a glassy skin finish. In that case, Olivia does her research on the latest trends, product developments, or recalls as she writes down the components that she believes would give her the results that she is looking for. Once Olivia has nailed down the ingredients, she brainstorms with her team of formulators. They then collaborate and move to the next step of making sure each component is FDA-compliant, which is the most challenging part.

Another integral part of her process is called Quality assurance. This is where a specific product goes through the “stability testing phase.” It is an expensive and meticulous way to “weather-proof” your product. First, the product goes through temperature tests for months. Then, there is exposure to different and extreme temperatures to ensure that the product (chemicals, packaging, and all) can withstand the heat and cold without compromising the quantity and quality of the result.

Pursing her Passion

Olivia loves having the opportunity to change people’s lives. “I can empower both men and women through my products and help boost their self-esteem,” she expressed. When a client comes up to her and says how they have regained their confidence or how their outlook has changed because of skin improvement, it makes her feel wonderful. She knows a satisfied customer is always the best reward.

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