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Haute Holiday Hair from Celebrity Hair Stylist Marco Pelusi

Holiday Hair...What are some stylish holiday hair options that are still carefree and not over-the-top? Gemma Magazine spoke with Marco Pelusi, celebrity Hair Stylist to give us some creative, festive, and functional ideas. As always, go with what you are comfortable with and enjoy your look. The holidays are filled with a busy schedule and these styles take that into consideration while still looking so chic! Here are our picks:

Side pony: If you haven’t even washed your hair that day, and you get home from work, and you have to go to a holiday event and have no time, slick your hair back in a ponytail holder, and pull it off to the side. This way, the ponytail will be visible from the front and look terrific! The side pony feels more fashion-forward than a regular ponytail. You can use Marco Color Control Gel marco® color control gel with collagen color guard® – Marco Pelusi Studio mixed with water to slick the hair back.

-Loose curls: if you want to leave your hair down but want or need something pretty quick, and you don’t even have time to blow dry your hair before a holiday event: just heat your big barrel curling iron (perhaps the largest-sized iron you can find, the bigger, the better). Once it’s heated, grab a rather large section of your hair (maybe three or four total sections), spray a list mist of Marco Color Guard Hairspray (marco® color guard hairspray with collagen color guard® – Marco Pelusi Studio) on each section, and then wrap each section with the iron. You can even leave the ends out, leaving them a bit straighter; it’s pretty hip to do so. After you’ve completed the three or four waves, finger through your hair to loosen it up and do another light mist with the Marco Hairspray. You’re not looking for solid curls but a very loose wavy look.

-Some up/some down with barrettes: again, when you have no time and you want something quick, always keep/have some cool, funky barrettes on hand, perhaps shiny, glossy, silver, or gold barrettes. Comb your hair back on one side (leave the back of your hair down) – to keep it easy, just comb it over to the side where your hair parts naturally – and start sticking in some barrettes. The barrettes don’t have to be done perfectly; you can place several barrettes. The idea is to focus on the look of the barrettes and not so much on the hair. Apply some Marco Color Guard Hairspray overall to keep the hair in place.

And finally, definitely add some magical Marco Anti Frizz Leave In Conditioner into your hair’s diet during these colder months! Check it out at marco® anti-frizz leave-in conditioner with collagen color guard® – Marco Pelusi Studio and use code NEW30 for 30% off your first purchase!

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