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Garth Garcia: Making His Mark in Music and Hollywood

Who is Garth Garcia? Known as FILAM's Prince of Pop, Garth Garcia is a talented Artist and songwriter from Ivory Music & Video who has collected an impressive array of awards and accolades. He is a sensual, bold singer, songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur. 

His career is thriving, and it takes immense determination to balance an entrepreneurial and musical career at once. How does he do everything? Garth feels that as long as you love what you are doing, you make time for each endeavor. The buzz surrounding his music has motivated and inspired him to continue pushing himself to reach newer levels in his career. 

Remaining true to his artistic vision while embracing the opportunities that come with collaborating with other artists and producers draws him closer to his fan base.

Garth first discovered his passion for writing music during his upbringing in the Philippines – it was there that he sharpened his craft, starting out with heartwarming ballads and sentimental tunes that struck an emotional chord within his mind. As his talent blossomed, Garth made the move to Los Angeles, propelling his career to new heights. Being in Los Angeles has been magical for Garth, allowing him to get creative and experimental with new sounds. Garth discovered a new avenue for expression when he transitioned from emotional ballads to energetic pop music--embracing the change in genre with enthusiasm and passion. Despite the physical distance from his homeland, Garth remains deeply connected to his loving supporters and cherished mentors. To further connect with his supporters in the Philippines, Garth recently embarked on his show-stopping tour titled "Back Home," (Following the release of his latest project “Lifelines") is a testament to the importance he places on his fans and their support. 

"When I'm in Los Angeles, I feel like I can do anything." Garth shared, "The sounds from the city are my muse."

Garth Garcia recently embarked on a monumental tour in his homeland of the Philippines, a tour that was filled with excitement and joy. Following his immersion into the vibrant music scene of Los Angeles, Garth shares his collected insights into new experiences, influences, and upcoming projects. Returning to the Philippines for his "Back Home" tour in March 2024 was a deeply meaningful experience for Garcia; as it was a heartfelt reunion of friends and family celebrating the ever changing flow of life. Reflecting on the tour, Garcia expressed immense joy in performing for loved ones and fans alike, highlighting the warmth and nostalgia that permeated through each performance. The tour was a testament to Garth's connection with his fans and the joy he brings to them through his music.

Throughout his career, Garth has earned an impressive collection of awards for the inspiring ideas he has brought to life. The Outstanding Filipino Award holds a special place in his heart. This award acknowledges the outstanding contributions of Filipinos in various fields, including business entertainment, law, and the arts. The musical adventurer recently dove into entrepreneurship, launching his Starlink Music music label. With a focus on Filipino-American artists, Garth's commitment to supporting and nurturing talent within a deeply cultured community.

Now, as the founder of Starlink Music, Garcia aims to uplift Filipino-American artists and create opportunities for them to showcase their talent on a global stage. Living in Los Angeles has significantly influenced Garcia's artistic journey, shaping his style and sound in experiential ways. Throughout songwriting workshops, performances, and collaborations with artists from diverse backgrounds, Garth has been inspired to push the boundaries of his creativity. The vibrant music scene of LA has provided him with invaluable opportunities for growth and exploration, fueling his passion for music and artistry. Garth expressed, "When I'm in Los Angeles, I feel like I can do anything." Garth shared, "The sounds from the city are my muse."

When Garth had a moment to stop he spoke with us about his inspiration, his creative process, a love for collaboration, as well as the 'City of Angels.'

When did you become interested in music? 

When I was young, my father used to play music on a particular radio in our home.

He would play classic artists like The Stylistics and other staples of smooth jazz. Growing up, I listened to music of all types. My appreciation of music is the centermost reason why I make music now.

Who inspired you to make music?

When I was a boy in elementary school, my music teacher encouraged me to sing

for a performance we were putting on as a class. As I learned about the different ranges my voice could ascend to, I felt courageous enough to continue singing at talent shows and other artistically rooted events.

Can you describe the music you typically like to make?

I love to make pop music because the rhythm takes on a life of its own, and lately,

I’ve been into making E.D.M. music. The Electronic Feel-Good genre reflects my style of creation—unbound by any norm and joyous.

Tell us about your creative process. When I make a song, I draw from personal experiences in my life that have shaped me, and I channel my imagination. The content of my music is not necessarily always personally relevant to my life, but my songs often draw from the emotional experiences of others or things I can envision. It’s my way of telling a new story.

If you could open a show for any artist, who would it be? Someone with Filipino roots, Bruno Mars or H.E.R. Their cultural greatness genuinely uplifts Filipinos worldwide.

Is there a musical artist you would like to collaborate with? Bruno Mars & H.E.R. are my top 2 (to me, they are the best representation of Filipino culture)

Best advice ever given? My dad recently told me, “Not everyone is happy with your success; be mindful about the people around you who might want to take you down instead of pulling you up.”

Tell me about your production company. StarLink is the name; we produce concerts for artists who come to the U.S. from the Philippines. We also produce concerts for any U.S.-based artist and organize concerts for our signed artists. I have my music label of FilAM artists with these talents signed: MS. TOOTSIE GUEVARA, KEVIN HERMOGENES, SAVANNAH BLANDINO, and many more! MS. Tootsie Guevara has been honored with several gold and multi-platinum awards over the course of her career in the Philippines. "We are the home legends bringing into the world new legends. May music forever live on," stated Garth.

Do you need help to balance everything you are doing between being an Artist and an Entrepreneur?

It can be challenging. During the week, I focus on business, and on the weekend, I balance the hustle with family time. I do my thing as a musician about once a month, setting a date to engage with other producers and songwriters creatively. When we gather, I find new inspiration for recording songs and releasing new content for my fans.

Thank you to my fans for all the support through the years. My homecoming concert was a true testament to their love. Even though I moved out of the country, all the same fans from the beginning were still there. I would also like to thank my new fans in L.A. and all over the U.S. I feel lucky to be drenched in so much support and love.

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