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It was a sweltering hot Thursday in L.A. September 8, 2022 but inside it was cool as a cucumber at the 5-star, Neopolitan gem—L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele in Hollywood,. The chic and romantic restaurant opened its doors to Bergman’s Luxury Lounge & Luncheon in celebration of the upcoming 74th Annual Emmy® Awards. (The Flagship restaurant is located in Naples, Italy, made famous by Julia Roberts in “Eat Pray Love”). L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele captures the romantic hideaway charm and ambiance with updated front and back patios framed in brick, tile, stone and shady trees. Indoors is a place to lounge and sip Prosecco in a stylish, airy California bungalow on cocoa leather couches or at the long, sleek white bar. But the real buzz is on the back patio, a courtyard flanked by a brick fireplace and dramatic glass-walled pizza kitchen with an adjacent outdoor garden to relax and enjoy a chic Al Fresco setting. It’s a gorgeous Hollywood crowd, and it knows it.

This year the stylish soiree selectively invited Emmy Nominees, former Emmy & Oscar Nominees/Winners, Emmy Presenters, iconic Hollywood couples, series’ regulars and media. Over 100 of Hollywood’s finest turned out to celebrate and honor the television industry’s Emmy® Nominated actors, former Emmy® winners, presenters, stylists and industry VIPS. This highly anticipated invitation-only event, hosted by Bergman Public Relations and presented by Naturade®, showcased an incredible array of fun & fashion including couture gowns, men & women’s casual wear, fabulous leather handbags, the finest in beauty, skin & hair care, outrageous THC & CBD products, stunning jewelry collections, gorgeous accessories, health foods, gourmet teas, scented candles, organic Tequila, Korean Soju, L’Antica da Michele Hollywood gourmet signature cuisine, Italian Wines, everything for the pampered pet, amazing spiritual awakenings in real time, delectable sweets and much more.

2022 Emmy Nominee Christopher McDonald/Guest Actor “Hacks,” 2022 Emmy Winner Wayne Federman/Producer “George Carlin’s American Dream,” Lisa Ann Walter (2022 Emmy Nominated Series/”Abbott Elementary,”) 2022 Emmy Nominee Anthony A. Anderson (“Anacostia,”) International Award-winning film and TV star Jimmy Jean-Louis, John W. Lawson (leading actor in Paramount’s “Pet Sematary – The Prequel,”) former Oscar Nominees Patty McCormack & Eric Roberts, 2021 Emmy Nominee Anna Maria Horsford, Former Emmy Winner/Best Actor Kim Estes, former Emmy Winners Tristan Rogers (“General Hospital,”) Eric Martsolf (“Days of Our Lives,”) and Patrika Darbo (“Acting Dead,”) Constance Marie (“With Love,”) Derrex Brady (“Johnson”, ) Multiple Award-Winning Actor Patrick Warburton; Matt Cedeno (“Ruthless,”) Multiple Award-winning Actor Marilu Henner, John Brotherton & Michael Campion (“Fuller House,”) Miles Tagtmeyer (2018 Emmy Nominee,) Naomi Grossman (“American, Horror Stories,”) Chris Browning (“The Lincoln Lawyer,”) Donovan Carter & Carl McDowell (“Ballers,”) to name a few, were among the cadre of celebrities and industry VIPS who were treated to the best of the best!

The Beauty Tea Company ( and Naturade ( Healthy Products were the presenting sponsors. The Beauty Tea Company celebrates women's beauty from the inside by promoting wellness and relaxation with our delicate and delicious tea blends. They are presented in the most elegant and feminine packaging, making them unique and unforgettable. Besides, the tea is delicious!

Naturade is known for its healthy products. Their purpose is Weight Loss, Overall Nutrition and Immunity.

Presenting Sponsor, The Beauty Tea Co. with Derrix Brady (“Johnson”/Bounce TV)

Presenting Sponsor, Naturade® with Anna Maria Horsford (“B Positive”/CBS)

Spa Girl Cocktails always makes a splash with their fantastic display. Spa Girl Cocktails ( was a VIP sponsor this year. As always, they never disappoint. Karen Haines is the CEO of Spa Girl Cocktails. Inspired by the desire to craft a delicious, low-calorie cocktail full of healthier, clean ingredients, Karen knew what she needed to cut through the male-dominated competition: passion. Spa Girl Cocktails was conceived in Palm Springs, CA, surrounded by infamous dinner parties, elegant décor, and deliciously whimsical cocktails. A little vodka here, some natural flavoring there, an edible garnish or two—why not?—and the radiant Karen Haines at the bar, gently stirring a cocktail to the sound of some vinyl record her husband picked out.

VIP Sponsor, Spa Girl Cocktails with Chris McDonald (2022 Emmy Nominee/Outstanding Guest Actor/“Hacks”/HBO

Soonhari soju ( is a clear colorless distilled spirit native to Korea, made from rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes or tapioca. It offers a light sweet, crisp and clean taste with a fresh finish. Its special advantages are a lower calorie profile and a lower proof alcohol content. Soju delivers only about half the calories of ordinary vodka while delivering incomparable superior rich taste. As the leader in medium-level alcohol content spirits, soju can be enjoyed straight or it can lend itself as a perfect cocktail ingredient.

VIP Sponsor, Soon Hari, with Constance Marie (“With Love”/Amazon Prime)

It would not be a Doris Bergman event without the latest in beauty. Reyaluxe ( is all about clean beauty. Ronia Kassa is the Founder and CEO. She found a clever way to aid in the hand-washing crusade by creating luxurious and soaps that are made from simple ingredients for everyone yo enjoy. The skin treats include delightful soaps, exfoliating and moisturizing body scrubs, aromatic bath bomb dusts and more. All of the products are handmade with natural, organic ingredients.

Reyaluxe Soaps

Beauty Kitchen ( also had a beautiful presentation. The innovative company was started by Heather Marianna and consists of natural and effective skincare products. Beauty Kitchen is an all-natural beauty and skincare product line, made with fresh and organic ingredients, that delivers an all-encompassing, luxurious at-home spa experience for the modern day glamour girl. The pampering product line’s whimsical offerings include soap cupcakes, glitter body milkshakes, colorful bath bombs, champagne-scented bath soaks, specialty sugar scrubs and more.

VIP Sponsor, Beauty Kitchen, with Eric Roberts, (former Oscar nominee)

VIP Sponsor, Milena LA ( offers the most decadent candles with beautiful scents and packaging. Milena's aromatherapy products are vegan and non-toxic. Her non-toxic candles are loved by celebrities. Therefore, she has been able to produce a luxurious and green product. Most of the items in Milena's boutique offer are either handcrafted or handmade. Her Coconut, Apricot, and Shea butter candles have become wildly popular, especially in Japan.

VIP Sponsor, Milena LA, with Lisa Ann Walter (“Abbott Elementary”/Emmy Nominated/ABC)

Dulce Vida Organic Tequila ( was also a VIP sponsor. The delicious tequila is organic and 100 % Blue Agave. Dulce Vida is nationally recognized for its tequila heritage. It was required to meet the standards for organic production and overall sustainability measures.

VIP Sponsor, Dulce Vida Organic Tequila with Matt Cedeno (“Ruthless”/BET)

Influencer Diego Valdez

Sue Wong ( a Chinese-born American fashion designer best known for her dress designs with a contemporary twist based on old Hollywood glamor style. In her outlook and in her designs, she honors the goddess force — the universal feminine energy that allows women to transcend. Her presentation is always stellar and dramatic.

Sue Wong

Twisted Silver( is one of the coolest jewelry brands around. I literally adore all their pieces. Twisted Silver is a distinct line of jewelry designed by eco-designer Debra Lawson. Debra skillfully designs pieces to be timeless, eco-friendly, and convertible. You will spot this the down-to-earth brand on runways of Fashion Week, pages of glossy magazines, and red carpets all over Hollywood.

Twisted Silver

Kate Linder wearing Twisted Silver

My SaintMy Hero ( featured their signature style bracelets.

Handmade with Love and Prayer -- Their mission is to create wearable blessings that empower global communities through meaningful work and remind us we are loved, blessed, and protected.

My Saint My Hero

Luxepets ( is a Pet Memorial Gifts shop where you can buy Dog Memorial Gifts or Loss of a Pet Gift online with affordable price in Los Angeles. Fast forward a decade later, Claire’s love expanded to her work with animals and their companions. She describes herself as “a human bridge between you and your pets.” Claire says, “Some times we transfer human emotions onto our pets. We feel badly our pet is sick. The pet does not have a way to communicate back. This is what I can help with.”

Claire Chew of Luxepets and Massi Furlan

Timmy Woods ( is a globally renowned premiere handbag designer whose custom and one-of-a-kind wooden and leather handbags have been showcased internationally.

When it comes to designing personalized unique handbags, Timmy has become a preeminent fashion pioneer and a household name - Timmy's designs have been worn or shown in many fashion spreads, red carpet events and galas, as well as many Hollywood premieres. Timmy has a design for everyone, from affordable fashion accessories, to impressive one-of-a-kind Swarovski crystal-studded gems like the White House handbag.

Susan Ortolano ( made an appearance. She gives psychic readings offers informative relationship advice. Susan searched for, discovered and learned the level of mindset, frequency knowledge, skills and tools to realign her consciousness. In turn, this transformation led her to her soul-mate.

Lisa Ann Walter and Susan Ortolano

Kimberly Meredith ( is medical Intuitive, Trance Channeler, Psychic Surgeon, Hands on Healer, Spiritual Teacher, and best-selling author of "Awakening to the Fifth Dimension." After two Near Death Experiences, Kimberly experienced an incredible encounter with God and received miraculous healing gifts from the Holy Spirit.

In the spirit of giving back, guests and sponsors made monetary donations and/or donated unwrapped gifts for young adults (ages 13-18) for a Pre-Holiday Gift Drive benefitting "Wednesdays Child" - a weekly segment airing on KTTV news, Los Angeles with Christine Devine. "Wednesdays Child" advocates for older teens who experience more disadvantages in the LA County Foster care system, who deserve adoptive families. Bergman always invites at least 2 foster youth to join.

Marilu Henner - Wednesdays Child

Wednesdays Child with Christine Devine

It was an incredible afternoon. Doris Bergman's events are always fabulous and you never want to miss out. Gifts and services were provided by:

Soonhari Soju; Lotte Beverage America; Luxepets; Twisted Silver; My Saint, My Hero; Spa Girl Vodka; Sue Wong Couture; Beauty Kitchen; The Marijuana Factory; Milena LA; “Wednesday’s Child” & FOX 11 News; Dulce Vida Organic Tequila; Reyaluxe Skin Care; Naturade®; “The Healing Trilogy” by Author & Intuitive, Kimberly Meredith; The Beauty Tea Company; Radiant Pathways; Blue Triton Water; Timmy Woods Handbags; Gooseberry Designs; Readings By Vida; Kickin’ Ash BBQ Sauce; L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele Hollywood; Bergman Public Relations and VIP Gift Bags provided by Milena LA and Gooseberry Designs.

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