It Girl Jossie Ochoa Back in The Limelight

Beauty and hard work come naturally to multifaceted It Girl, Jessie Ochoa. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jossie has always embraced what it means to be a self-starter with a strong work ethic. From competing in well-known pageants, working for Univision, hosting, modeling, starting a nonprofit at an early age, and having her own brand, Jossie is an exemplary figure of what being a boss babe is all about!

In 2014, Jossie competed in Univision's Nuestra Belleza Latina, representing Guatemala and was the runner-up for her season as she dazzled viewers at home. This opened an immense amount of doors for Jossie in Univision as she suddenly saw herself being immersed into the entertainment world. Soon after competing, Jossie began to do a lot of hosting, modeling, and back-to-back events in Miami.

After starting a nonprofit (in honor of her Guatemalan heritage) on her own, this eventually, lead to her starting Jossie Style. Josse Style is her own brand, as she began selling waist trainers. Fitness and Wellness was always an essential aspect of her life so starting this business was a big deal for her. However, the idea of an influencer had yet to set in motion as Instagram was just starting out. As a result, Jossie found that representing herself and would take a multitude of brand deals without a team to back her up. Like the majority of us, Jossie found herself struggling and got burnt out by taking on too much too fast and had to step back and restructure her one-woman show talents.

Jossie Ochoa is back though! She talked about restructuring her business, being in front of the camera again, and how much she loves connecting with the public. So let's get into it.

Have you always been so ambitious, and where does it come from?

Yes, I have always been a very passionate person! I am a Sagittarius with lots of fire placements, lol. Honestly, I believe it stems from growing up in a fast-paced environment in Los Angeles. My parents always made sure we knew how to hustle and seek better opportunities from an early age. I am surrounded by mentors and people who inspire me to keep myself motivated.

How did you like working at Univision, and what inspired you about working there? I am sure you learned so much!

Growing up, Univision was the number one Spanish network that every Latino family would tune in to, and I think my inspiration came from watching TV as a little girl. I was unsure if I wanted to be an actress, model, host, or producer, but I knew I loved the cameras. I was happy to be cast by the network and took it as a learning experience. It made me appreciate the behind-the-scenes of production and helped me realize what my passions were. It was an honor to be a part of a massive platform at the time; it was life-changing. Not only did I make my family proud, but it brought me closer to my Spanish community.

Did modeling and hosting come easy to you?

Yes! It is funny how I can switch into model or host mode once the cameras are on. I believe I was a showgirl in my past life. It came naturally to me; I love getting in character and performing.

You also created your product line -- Jossie Style. Can you expand upon this, please?

Jossie Style is a lifestyle brand that I created using my social media platform. I sell clothing and accessories on my website and develop campaigns for women looking for motivation or the right brand to help them feel confident.

Tell us about Misión Guatemala. Did you enjoy your work there?

Missión Guatemala is an organization that I founded at age 23 to help communities in Guatemala. My favorite part about having an organization was seeing UNITY. It was incredible how we could have volunteers and support from other people willing to give back, creating an even stronger community in real life and online!! Being able to use your influence to help others in need is always a blessing, and it is something that I plan to continue doing.

I also applaud you for stepping back and taking a break to figure out what you wanted in life. Was this hard?

I needed it for my mental health. I feel like my personal life needed more attention during the “quarter-life crisis,” but it gave me clarity and balance. We constantly need to continue evolving, and it is okay to step back to see the bigger picture if required. It helped me find myself and grow into the person I am today.

OnlyFans allowed you to get back in front of the camera again. Can you tell us more?

Onlyfans is something that I started in December 2020 when the pandemic had hit the hardest financially. Not only did I make money, but it reactivated my die-hard fans and made me realize they wanted more from me. It has been a big motivation to be in front of the cameras again and get creative with photoshoots. It made me feel more confident and like a better sexier version of myself modeling again.

How is Jossie Style doing, and what are you currently working on?

JossieStyle is my baby that is about to start running!! As of right now, you can find activewear, loungewear, waist trainers, and gym accessories online. I have a vision for the brand to continue expanding into other products and services; this is just the beginning.

I learned there's always a difference between happiness and purpose. With happiness, you can have it any second and it goes away very quickly. With purpose, you are getting that from your soul, so you're always going to have it. (Jossie Ochoa)

How do you balance it all?

I work all the time, and I am a great multitasker, but seriously, I believe that having a good schedule, daily routine, and meditating to keep you grounded is critical. My secret is always to write down your ideas or plans in a notebook to keep yourself motivated and accountable. Having enough rest and keeping myself healthy is also significant factor. BALANCE baby!!

What can we look forward to next from Jossie Ochoa?

I consider myself a businesswoman, and as an entrepreneur, I know I will continue to expand as a brand and an individual. I want to get back into modeling, getting features, magazine covers, and tapping into international fashion. I want to enjoy what I do but continue giving back to people, and that can always be by sharing experiences, knowledge, love, and so much more online or in real life.

To keep up with Jossie Ochoa, follow her on Instagram at:

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