It Girl Actress and Influencer: Ashley Wisdom

Ashley Wisdom is an aspiring actress, a successful model, and currently attending college and majoring in Political Science. Ashley has a large following on Instagram at 131K followers. She has ways felt comfortable modeling since she started so young. Ashley also grew up in Granbury, Texas but she had bigger dreams with modeling and acting. So let's get right into it!

You have also been acting as well, correct? How do you like it?

Yes! I just finished a big feature film that’s being released this month! it’s fun, getting to play pretend and be someone else.

You have such a great look. What is your beauty routine?

Monthly facials and investing in good skincare products to maintain at home.

Where do you attend school and what is your major?

I’m currently going to school at Liberty University, my major is Political Science, then I will be applying for Law school.

I saw that you want to be a lawyer. What attracts you to the field? I have a crazy backstory as to why I’m intrigued that’s personal, but besides that, I just don’t think the justice system is always ethical and there needs to be more people like me that step up and pursue this field and strive to make a change.

When you get time off, what is your favorite thing to do in LA?

I love trying out new restaurants- I’m a foodie. Going to the beach.

You have a very busy schedule. How do you balance it all? It’s hard at times, I get overwhelmed. I’ve learned it’s ok to say no to things that way I don’t get caught up and unable to give a project 100% of me, time management.

I know that you starred in the film "Reprisal." What was the experience like?

Super cool, as it was a Bruce Willis film.

What are you working on next

I'm about to finish school and then I start shooting a feature film in Romania.

Favorite coffee spot in LA? I’m a typical Starbucks girl haha

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