August Taylor: It Influencer and Fitness Trainer

August Taylor is inspiring, motivated, and disciplined to bring the best version of herself to her clients and career as a fitness instructor and influencer. Yes, she is strict and does what it takes -- but she is relatable as well. Gemma Magazine wanted to know about her and how she handles her schedule, which is quite busy. Therefore when August had a moment she spoke with Gemma about everything exciting happening in her life. So, let's get into it!

Tell me about your fitness business:

Fitness and health have been a passion of mine since I was very young but in the last two years, it's become a business for me. It's such a rewarding feeling to help people achieve their fitness and health goals. It inspires me to be better.

Do you work out daily?

Yes. I usually do fast cardio when I wake up before anything else. I do weight lifting 5x a week.

Are you super strict about what you eat?

Yes. I eat an all-organic and clean diet with a wide variety of foods. On occasion, I like to eat something naughty like chocolate cake or pepperoni pizza.

How do you like modeling and being an Influencer and does it come naturally to you?

I love modeling and being an influencer. It is something that comes naturally to me but definitely takes lots of focus and persistence to keep getting better at. There are always things that I'm working to improve upon.

What are some of your favorite things to do in LA?

I love relaxing at the beaches and I love to enjoy a good meal. Santa Monica and Malibu are my favorite places to go and have a nice lunch or dinner with a beautiful view :)

Do you have a desire to act?

Yes. It's something I've always loved to do since I was a little girl.

How has being a coach enhanced your mental strength?

Being a fitness coach has made me a much stronger woman in a lot of ways. I am much more accountable now. I believe that the best way to lead is by example. I can't confidently tell others how to live a healthier life if I'm not doing it myself first.

Are you super goal-oriented

Yes. I am very driven by my goals. I think it's very important to manifest your goals and dreams. The law of attraction is very real.

How do you balance your schedule so that you can have downtime?

>I put aside a couple of days a week where I don't use my phone or laptop at all. It's good to disconnect once in a while. Very important to take the time to recharge so you can be the best version of yourself.

What is coming up next for you?

I'm launching my new fitness site in September 2021. The site has my workout videos for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of fitness. It will include strength training, cardio, yoga as well as my meal plans. I have been working hard on this project and am super excited to share it!!

To learn more about August Taylor and her fitness goals, you can follow her on Instagram

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